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Amon Amarth: ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

The Northern wind brings snow and ice
Humans starve and freeze
The Fimbul winter has arrived
And soon the world will cease to be
Brother will be brother's bane
No one shall be spared
All will die. None remain
That is mankind's share
The southern sphere is set ablaze
Muspel's fire is set free
The sun is on its final chase
And soon the world will cease to be
Across the western sky he runs
A wolf so grim and mean
Devours the eternal sun
And soon the world will cease to be
The North Star falls from the sky
Into the deep cold sea
The first of all to fall and die
And soon the world will cease to be
Muspel's flames lick the sky
Hidhćgg eats the dead
The Aesir meet in hall up high
And Oden 'quests Mimer's head
Land is swallowed by the waves
Rocks and mountains break
Dead men on the path to Hell
And Yggdrasil quakes
From the East comes a ship
Loke holds the oar
A demon army with swords that rip
Will join the final war
The army of the dead arrives
Heimdal blows his horn
Calling Gods out to die
Before the world can be reborn
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Amon Amarth: ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

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Amon Amarth: ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be
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Amon Amarth: ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

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