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Andy McCoy: Love & Hate

Please don't ask me no questions
And I will tell you no lies
How I wish all this shit inside
would fade away so I try
Try to make things
Better around here
My heart is screaming
so loud and clear
I back my bags
And I'm out of here
And to the jungle I disappear
So deep down in the misery
Of dangerous things
Well I've been there before
and I will be there again
I wanna cry
I wanna die
Too much love and hate inside
I wanna give
I wanna take
There's too much love and hate
Please don't ask me no questions
And you'll be spared
all my lies
so dark in the freeway of life
I'm confused don't know
wrong from right
So please don't hesitate
to pick your part
In this theatre of hate
Too many lies
Tell me what's right
Honey please come be my guide
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Andy McCoy: Love & Hate

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Andy McCoy: Love & Hate
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Andy McCoy: Love & Hate

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