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Asaf Avidan: Her Lies

She said "baby, get down on your knees"
I said "babe if you insist"
She said "why do you keep seeing things you know that
don't exist"
I said "baby, I love you, now what can I do,
I'll probably love you till the day I die"
She said "well pretty honey, if that's true than give
me both them, pretty eyes"

I said "baby, you can have them - you can have my eyes"
See I was thinking if she took them I won't see her
But my baby ? I can taste her lies.

She said "baby, get into this sack"
I said "baby, I don't know what's there"
She said "all I want to do with you
Is take you with me everywhere"

I said "okay, baby take me everywhere,
Take me through the day, take me through the night"
She said "oh silly babe, don't you kid with me,
You know I really don't have the time".

Still I said "baby, you can take me" ? and I got right
See, I was thinking if she took me, I could taste her
But my baby, all I taste is her lies.
Oh my baby, all I taste is her lies,
Oh my honey, all I taste is her lies.

I said "baby, you can have them - you can have my eyes"
See I was thinking if she took them I won't see her
But my baby ? I can taste her lies.
Oh my baby,
Oh my honey,
Oh my baby

Oh my baby,
I can taste?
Her lies
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Asaf Avidan: Her Lies

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Asaf Avidan: Her Lies
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Asaf Avidan: Her Lies

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