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Bad Religion: Slumber

So you're feeling unimportant
'Cuz you've got nothing to say
And your life is just a ramble
No one understands you anyway
Well I've got a piece of news son
That might make you change your mind
Your life is historically meaningful
And spans a significant time
Slumber will come soon
And you are helping put it to sleep
Side by side we do our share faithfully
Assuring that slumber will come soon
Well now do you feel a little better?
Lift up your head and walk away
Knowing we're all in this together
For such a short time anyway
There is just no time to parade around sulking
I would rather laugh than cry
The rich, the poor, the strong, the weak
We share this place together
And we pitch in to help it die, we pitch in to help it die
I'm not too good at giving morals
And I don't fear the consequence
If life makes you scared and bitter
At least its not for very long
Slumber will come soon
And you are helping put it to sleep
Side by side we do our share faithfully
Assuring that slumber will come soon
Slumber will come soon
Slumber will come soon
Slumber will come soon
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Bad Religion: Slumber

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Bad Religion: Slumber
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Bad Religion: Slumber

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