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Bad Religion: The Dodo

Bad Religion
The Dodo
I see a white haired man, he's got a suit on hand
He's telling people how they're supposed to live
Nobody's listening to the politician
No matter what sage advice he has to give

He's got a clumsy, outdated m.o.
And he's come to a fork in the road
And there is only one direction to go

Among the commuters, dwarfed by the skyscrapers
I watch the countless millions fighting for space
See hateful, petty acts, disjointed images,
And can't believe that i'm one of the same race

We're all just struggling to cope
And we come to a fork in the road
As we watch our foundations erode
There's only one direction to go

It's the way of the dodo
Such a noble destiny
It's the waltz of desperation
Passed along to you and me
The way of the dodo
(it's the gray stuff in your head)
(it's the pulse of the living and the voices of the dead)
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Bad Religion: The Dodo

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Bad Religion: The Dodo
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Bad Religion: The Dodo

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