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Bahamadia: 3 Tha Hard Way

Salutes two action be tha latest entry
For Illadel colonies tha' get tha'
Cream like cherry jubalee
My steeze put cha at ease like
Methamphetamines or like Tony Shacks
Fantasies about his wallabies
Slice fifteen yo men
Big East be comin' through ghetto
Magic plus a tha' bullies
Back it, what me now?
Buddha's blessed for I and I provide tha'
Greatest nature-role pure as life
That exit from nah gentatillc
Styles internationals like the
Direct connects to Internet verbal text
Bosom like Chia pets perfect wit tha' mic
Devices Bahamadee be tha' nices bringin'
Next rap thing to the light like Osyrus
For tha' nine pound Exceed tha' rasaloom
To GangStarr and my nigga K Sarrah
Ha yo, I'm doing this for the
Cruz claimin' that there better I'm
Tickled, ya must be like
Sanford on the ripple little by little
Kick verses from the middle
Of my brain, the Riddler couldn't fuck wit
Kannon Riddles I remain the undisputed
You should of known if you knew it
Montell couldn't tell you how we do it
And few get the chance to
Even so the Kannon tha [unverified]
Wit tha' Kannon Band
Shit be slammin' more than Larry Nance
And plus it's in me
To give you more like Demi, I do easy
Leave hard way to penny
As I display skillz
For what it's worth sent to this earth
To stop the curse of wake lic's upon my turf
This is the end like Armageddon
Your settin' a bad example niggaz still using
My samples times ample ha yo swift never said
She was the baddest but I kept it real
You niggaz frontin' talkin' 'bout you packin' steel
Your sportin' a first all up in rectum
By the central kid's sitting all up
In the bullies section
Do you remember those you chase
To forget back when ya ears was wet
And now ya preachin' ya releasin' minitec
I need a mic check because tha' static come sparatic
Mc's be hooked like addicts while casualties stay tragic
There ain't no glamor in that story
All guts no glory entranced in jealousy
Just like the suckers who abhor me
They tell but they don't know the core
So raw is now my reference like
Mumia there is no evidence to say that I'm more
That I am unbending, nerve revenging
Similar to million men me
Say "Just us" you say, Me bust
Bust mental stagnation
Like the cancer patients eatin' cow fuss
As the minds rust from dawn to dusk
I rest in Mecca the words sound power as in energy
See Heka to die because ya black
Simply be no cause at all surreality
Just like the legends of the fall initial looks
Of the shook hearted kids
Who shouldn't started lyrics leave like spirits
And the waters Moses parted
Do or die's ya slogan but niggaz slip with
Trojans major mental corrosion like Murray's meat
Unfrozen, I am the chosen Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars
Hard for me to find a top contender
Just to spar some peep the exterior
And believe inferior next ya know
They callin' for a sound bwoy burial
D and D Studio B wicked catch wreck
for infinity one love peace to Bahamadia
Like Salt and Pepa, I take it to the next
Platta, niggaz scream
Nay what dis Brown Sugar
Like D'Angelo I make it better
Fo' fantastics fienin' for tha' Buttaz
Boo like twenty-five to lifers
Do from lack of gettin' douce
I put my little thing in action
Smoother, than satin or
Special-Ed when he was taxin' headz
Relax and play tha' back when
I spill I regulate a flow like
Chicks on birth control pills-ill-anitics
Keep it movin' on bouncin'
Like nylon from Illadel to Lebanon
(No doubt)
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Bahamadia: 3 Tha Hard Way

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Bahamadia: 3 Tha Hard Way
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Bahamadia: 3 Tha Hard Way

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