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Bee Gees: Closer Than Close

She'll read your mind, she's smart as a whip
She'll suck you dry, but look at how much I drip
At the point of ecstasy I write a symphony
Of poetry in motion and leavin me there to die
I tell myself let no one take her place
To confide in someone and look at how much I paid
I want you next to me, call it telepathy
We drift into vision and look how much we see

I just want to get closer than close to you
To the moment you discover
What the best of my love can do
And lovers fall for lovers friends
We make each other cry
Living in each others lives
And trying to make the fantasy come true
But, I just want to get closer than close to you, baby
I just want to get closer than close to you
Your soul is naked it tells you what it wants
I read your letter and look at how close I've come
There's more for us to see in this philosophy
We both end up in heaven
And look at how close we'd be

I just want to get closer than close to you
I know that one way or another
Any test of my fate will do
I give my heart for you to break
I give my final breath
When nothing lasts forever see
What we can turn eternity into
And I just want to get closer than close to you, baby
I just want to get closer than close to you
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Bee Gees: Closer Than Close

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Bee Gees: Closer Than Close
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Bee Gees: Closer Than Close

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  • bee gees closer than close

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