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Creeper Lagoon: Hey Sister

Hey sister where you been
I'm alone and out here it's dangerous
Tell my friends I'm coming home
It's a bust and they drove me crazy

Don't care what they say
I'm stranger now
Brought down this whole town
And I'm stranger now

Hey brother who you with
Make her dance hot girls will tame you
Hold your breath let it out how you feel
The hit's going to change you

Don't care if they stay
I'm stranger now
Brought down this whole town
And I'm stranger now

Late fall afternoon
I paid for a room
I saw her and froze
Her name's apple rose

Rose brought me to bleed
I couldn't believe
Dazzling scenes
Passed out in dreams
And now I'm stranger

Hey lover check it out I'm a freak
With tripped out behavior
Now you know how I been and it's great
Cause I've gone insane here

Don't care what they say
I'm a stranger now
Brought down this whole town
And I'm stranger now
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Creeper Lagoon: Hey Sister

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Creeper Lagoon: Hey Sister
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Creeper Lagoon: Hey Sister

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