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Dean Martin: My rifle, my pony and me

The sun is sinking in the west The cattle go down to the stream The redwing settles in the nest It's time for a cowboy to dream Purple light in the canyons That's where I long to be With my three good companions Just my rifle, pony and me Gonna hang (gonna hang) my sombrero (my sombrero) On the limb (on the limb) of a tree (of a tree) Coming home (coming home) sweetheart darling (sweetheart darling) Just my rifle, pony and me Just my rifle, my pony and me (Whippoorwill in the willow Sings a sweet melody Riding to Amarillo) Just my rifle, pony and me No more cows (no more cows) to be roping (to be roping) No more strays will I see Round the bend (round the bend) she'll be waiting (she'll be waiting) For my rifle, pony and me For my rifle, my pony and me
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Dean Martin: My rifle, my pony and me

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Dean Martin: My rifle, my pony and me
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Dean Martin: My rifle, my pony and me

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