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DJ Bobo: Give Peace A Chance

I have a dream, I have a vision
You may say its an illusion
Together we are strong
Lets give peace a chance
Tell me what will be tomorrow
Will we find a road to follow
I still believe in love
Lets give peace a chance

Chorus B:
Now I feel like Im stranded
But Im not the only one
Light the fire and give peace a chance
Its a wonderful world
Let`s see it, believe in it
For tomorrow, lets give peace a chance

Rap 1:
I tell you, now wake up or be swayed by my dream now
A world of hope and peace, Im trying anyhow
Most of us only care about money making
And thats for real - the thought of it is aching
Facing everyone with an open heart
We better going to start before our worlds apart
No matter where you from - no matter who you are
No matter what you do - the pain has gone to far
Theres a falling star, please achieve my dream
Peace for the world and try and grow your self-esteem
To resort to violence means hate and frustration
Coming back stronger then your own imagination
Power and money shouldn`t be the temptation
But shouldn`t be love our best motivation
I still cant believe this is true, right here, right now - I havent got a clue

Rap 2:
Whatever happens in your life youve got another chance
To advance yourself, grow and give a better glance
Tolerance between religions and races
Lets talk about respect between different faces
We all are the same at the end of the day
Rich or poor we have to fade away
And if you`re black or white doesnt matter anyway
Hindu, Muslims, Christians, they all just pray
For freedom and a world of peace and harmony
Lord Im so confused about this living human tragedy
Tell me what is wrong, - tell me what is right
Tell me why are people still suffering and fight
People hear me - its time to wake up and love
Before its to late let us all free the dove
I still cant believe this is true, right here, right now - I havent got a clue

Is this what life was meant to be
Sometimes we lose reality
But then Im reaching for the stars
And I know, and I know
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DJ Bobo: Give Peace A Chance

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DJ Bobo: Give Peace A Chance
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DJ Bobo: Give Peace A Chance

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