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DJ Khaled: Nas Album Done (ft. Nas)

Classic shit, timeless, forever, iconic DJ Khaled!

A divine leader, shine brighter
Bonita mami, meet a line sniffer
Never, poetic rhyme writer, chiefer
Ebony empress getter
Celebrity Apprentice a devil show
Big up to Africa, Mexico
Hennessy, margarita, venison eater
So dear spread them here, don't be actin' innocent either
Dome me, relax me, it's only to the nasty
I'm just a phony assassin
A lot of niggas owe me, I'ma tax them
A lot of sisters hold me to something holy and Catholic
‘Cause the rosary and gold flashy
Just an attachment and accessory to my dress code
Now everywhere all I see is Pablo Esco
Last time I checked I was still breathing
My neck was still freezing
Now everybody got an “Escobar” Season
To every baby on the album cover existin'
This trend I was setting, it came to fruition
I'm assisting to push the culture forward
To all my ghost supporters, go support us
Like a local black-owned grocery store
‘Cause in the hood shit ain't passed down through blood
It's a dub on that, we get government aid
Spend it at they stores, putting they kids through college
We need balance
So we can lease and own deeds in our projects
So I'm asking Gs to go in their pockets
The racial economic inequality, let's try to solve it

My signature fade with the Bible blade
That's a Major key
I told her she smart and loyal, I like that
That's a Major key
Start a label, run it, sign yourself
That's a Major key
What Tony had on the table
It's like us, we a Major key

Still underestimated, every mistake a lesson
Mercury retrograde, so if that planet spin backwards
Up in the heavens maybe
It's effecting back on niggas who don't be repping lately
I'm playing chess with babies
Niggas is nursery
Niggas impersonating, rehearsing me
Nothing like me, I'm the first of me
And that's quite certainly
So official, come get this issue, some women crazy
I like a woman to show me wisdom
These hoes easily convinced to pop their pussy
With a loaded pistol
Y'all ain't meant to be played
Says the brother with the signature fade
Still paid, stacking, new stash
Went from hanging with shooters and clappers
To computer hackers
Check the fashion in Monaco
Getting ocean mist on my HSTRY hats
Khaled called me when I was in album mode
So I put it on hold for the Major key
My album done, niggas, wait and see

Classic shit, timeless, forever, iconic

My signature fade with the Bible blade
That's a Major key
I told her she smart and loyal, I like that
That's a Major key
Start a label, run it, sign yourself
That's a Major key
What Tony had on the table
It's like us, we a Major key
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DJ Khaled: Nas Album Done (ft. Nas)

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DJ Khaled: Nas Album Done (ft. Nas)
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DJ Khaled: Nas Album Done (ft. Nas)

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