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Down for the Count: No Regrets

this year, i fear that i'll be swept away, gone from here
you see my plea for this sunken diplomacy
i miss those talks and fights that kept us up all those nights
just as the rains have started now
i'll look into my past
and she said if i'm not enough to keep you here
then go with no regrets
then go with no regrets
it's unfortunate that this closure will be a little less than perfect to me
this can't be the end of an era well spent
the crowns that we wore were made of gold
and kept us warm in the cold
just as the rains have started now
i'll look into my past
and she said if i'm not enough to keep you here
then go with no regrets
then go with no regrets
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Down for the Count: No Regrets

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Down for the Count: No Regrets
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Down for the Count: No Regrets

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