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Dream Evil: Losing You

In the dead of the night
As the candles die out
I'm watching her going to sleep
She has to be strong
She's left all along
I have to go out in the fields

You're all I ever wanted

And I can't go on without you
But some things come between us,
My love

Words cannot express
The sorrow I feel
I wish I could turn back time
To where we began
Where love had no end
And you and me were as one

You're all I ever wanted
There's just pain without you
Hear the angels cry in heaven, my love

I'm scared I might be losing you
and I don't know which way to turn
I feel I might be losing you
I can't live my life without your love

The sound of your breath
The smell of your hair
The touch of your golden skin
They keep me awake

Through out every night
To think of what might have been
You're all I ever wanted
You're my life and my lust
I could never mean to hurt you, my love

I'm scared I might be losing you
and I don't know which way to turn
I feel I might be losing you
I can't live my life without your love

I have fought so many battles
I have suffered so much pain
Without you to love and hold me
All of this would be in vain

I'm scared I might be losing, I feel I might be losing you
And I cant live my life without ur love
I'm scared I might b losing you
And I dont know which way to turn
I feel I might b losing you
I cant live my life w/out ur love
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Dream Evil: Losing You

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Dream Evil: Losing You
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Dream Evil: Losing You

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