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Fancy: Flames Of Love

What kind of man, what kind of man am I ?
I try to walk where I just fell,
I try to break a secret spell,
In your eyes I feel the flames of love.
Flames of love, flames of love,
I'm drowning in the sea of love
And enough is never enough.
When I find myself deep in your eyes
Over and over again - Flames of love.
What kind of fool, what kind of fool am I ?
I look for shadows in the sun,
For memories of days to come,
In your eyes I feel the flames of love.
I surrender to sweet death in your arms
In a wave of lustful life. You touch me so deep,
I cry out melting in the flames of love.
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Fancy: Flames Of Love

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Fancy: Flames Of Love
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Fancy: Flames Of Love

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