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Glenn Medeiros: Not me

It isn't over until it endsSayin' you're sorry is better than just being friendsSayin' it's over is so hard to doWhen "I love you" is in the way(chorus 1)Not meI won't be the one to say goodbyeI won't be the one who didn't try to stay togetherNot meI won't be the one who lives a lieWho says goodbye when I'm in love with youThere's always a sad and lonely dayThere's always a time you wonder should I go or stayBut I'm a believer and I keep hangin' onWhen things go wrong I see it through(chorus 2)Oh, not meI won't be the one to say goodbyeI won't be the one who didn't try to stay togetherNot meI won't be the one with foolish prideWho tries to hide that I'm in love with youNothin's forever but until that dayI won't walk away I'll be with youOh(chorus 1)(chorus 2)
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Glenn Medeiros: Not me

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Glenn Medeiros: Not me
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Glenn Medeiros: Not me

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