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Hurts: Somebody to die for

I could drag you from the ocean,
I could pull you from the fire
And when you?re standing in the shadow
I could open up the sky

And I could give you my devotion
?Til the end of time
And you will never be forgotten
With me by your side

And I don?t need this life
I just need?

I?ve got nothing left to live for
Got no reason yet to die
But when I?m standing in the gallows
I?ll be staring at the sky

Because no matter where they take me
Death I will survive
And I will never forgotten
With you by my side

And I don?t need this life
I just need?

Somebody to die for
Somebody to cry for
When I?m lonely

When I?m standing in the fire
I will look him in the eye
And I will let the devil know that
I was brave enough to die

And there?s no heaven he can show me
Steeper than my pride
?Cause I will never be forgotten
Forever I?ll fight

And I don?t need this life
I just need?

Somebody to die for
Somebody to cry for
When I?m lonely

And I don?t need this life
I just need?

Somebody to die for
Somebody to cry for
When I?m lonely

Don?t go gentile into the good night
Rage on against the dying blood
Autor tekstu: Theo Hutchcraft, Adam Anderson
Dodane przez: Heading

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Hurts: Somebody to die for

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Hurts: Somebody to die for
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Hurts: Somebody to die for

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Re: Hurts - Somebody to die for
~Gość 24 czerwca 2013, 12:24
Śmiszny. ;)

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