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Judas Priest: Bullet train

Sunrise showing every flaw Paying for the night before Dark eyes, scanning every vein Exploding - cannot stand the strain With each new mile They death defy me Standing on trial Scrutinize me And questionize my Strong denial Bullet bullet train Piercing through my brain Windows illuminating stains Breakdown closing in again Freefall as I close my eyes Voices talking many lies Changing my course Blurred and scorched Breathing exhaust As we distort By gravity Of such G-force Bullet bullet train Piercing through my brain Breakdown close my eyes Voices talking many lies Stained glass bursting in Shattering my world again Freefall but never can Ever reach the ground again Dark eyes scanning in Feel my mind explode within Wanting much more I implore you Near to death's door To ignore The screams of all Who fall before Bullet bullet train Piercing through my brain Bullet
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Judas Priest: Bullet train

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Judas Priest: Bullet train
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Judas Priest: Bullet train

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