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Lil Mama: Sausage

Everybody get up
Good morning to you
The birds are chirping

Eggs, bacon, grits
You better use a condom if you taking that
All these broke niggas that be on my
Need to hop off

Look, mama's in the kitchen, yup ya damn right
Ty got the grillz and they flooded with the ice
I just checked the mail, my sister going to Yale
Man she probably got a man, but she don't kiss and tell
Rockin' Robin's jeans and my walk is mean
Young queen when I step on the scene I whip cream
Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M
Money, money, taught her how to whip it now she remixin' for low
Hey, you, get off my style
You don't know me, and you don't know my power
I pow pow like a comic (comic)
Dr. Robotnik like Sonic (Sonic)
Ill with the flow and it only gets better
Save your breath if it ain't about cheddar
It's funny how I asked ya'll years ago
Watcha know about me and you still don't know

Eggs, bacon, grits (sausage)
You better use a condom if you taking that (sausage)
All these broke niggas that be on my (sausage)
Need to hop off (my sausage)
My sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa (sausage)
My sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa (sausage)
Eggs, bacon, grits (sausage)
Hop off (my sausage)

We eatin', that Oscar Mayer bacon
I don't eat pork so As-Salamu Alaykum
Turkey, bacon, breakfast in the makin'
Off the rip, I whine like I'm Jamaican
My milkshake brings the boys to the basement
Backyard's grillin' feel like a vacation
My whole style straight wild, no patience
Check out my hair, Peruvian, Malaysian
I cut it off in the summer when its blazin'
I cut you off if you fake and you hatin'
I know they can't take all this money I'm makin'
But call me Betty Crocker, though, cause I'm cakin'
Booty shakin' from the left to the right
Bigger belt too tight so my back is achin'
To the left, to the right
Tell me what's shakin' fore I bring the break in

Monday, a friend of mine
Tuesday, you played your games
Wednesday, you ran away
Thursday, you were so hurt
Thursday to Friday, you came back
You wanted to, leave school
On Saturday, but that ain’t how I give it up
(So what you gonna do)

Whet, look at the flick of da wrist
Whet, look at the flick of da, whet, whet
Look at da flick of the bish
Whet, (Punani get serious)
Yo, look at the flick of da wrist
Look at these hips, look at the way that they switch
Look at the way that I flip, look at the pit
Look how I'm stackin' these chips
Just look at what I got on, I am too slick
Look at the beat that I'm on
Look at the way that they hate, look at the greats
Look at me, look at Lebron
Yo, I said in case you ain't know now you know its a go
Charms on my arms like my pops got the blow
I lean on the mic like a smooth criminal
On the cover of Vogue now watch me cover this Vogue

Vogue, Vogue, Mizrahi /3x
On the cover of Vogue now watch me cover this Vogue
All in, all in, All in /3x

We wasn't invited but we all in
Any block, milly rock
I milly rock on any block
Any block, milly rock
I milly rock on any block
Any block, milly rock
I milly rock on any block
We wasn’t invited but we all

If you see me walkin' down the street
And I start to cry, walk on by
Walk on by, foolish pride
That's all that I have left so let me hide
All the pain that you gave me, when you said goodbye
Walk on
Autor tekstu: Lil Mama
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Lil Mama: Sausage

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Lil Mama: Sausage
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Lil Mama: Sausage

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