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Mr. Big: I Love You Japan

I LOVE YOU JAPAN (Song For Makita & Japanese Fans)
(Paul Gilbert)

I know I've seen your face before
It wasn't just a dream
I know you think your hearts secure
But I can make it scream

Oh oh do it again
Oh oh we're comin' in
Ohhhhh I love you Japan!

I'm talking from experience
I've been all 'round the world
I wouldn't even trade you for
The California girls

Oh oh do it again
Oh oh we're comin' in
Ohhhhh I love you Japan!

Domo arigato, chotto matte kudasai
There's sushi on my table
And wasabi in my eye
You could look forever
But you won't find me until
You listen for the scream
Of the big Makita drill, year!

I know I've seen your face before
It wasn't just a dream
We always will come back for more
'Cause you can make us scream

Oh oh do it again
Oh oh we're comin' in
Ohhhhh I love you Japan!
Ohhhhh I love you Japan!
Ohhhhh I love you Japan!
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Mr. Big: I Love You Japan

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Mr. Big: I Love You Japan
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Mr. Big: I Love You Japan

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