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Ola Bieńkowska: 2000 And Fine

I won?t never lie again
Never __ street friend
Never let the judgments __
With heavy hands

I will try take more chances
Smile, despite the circumstance
And I never let the details cloud my __

The past is, past is blind
And change will last this time
I never lose my temper
Never live my life for later
Or be sorry for thinks I do or didn?t
I will pay my bills on time
Do ma things always fine
All of the human kind

So kiss me, kiss my mouth
I will follow true somehow
And change will last this time
Its raining confetti
2000 and fine
Autor tekstu: Ola Bieńkowska
Dodane przez: Meloman

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Ola Bieńkowska: 2000 And Fine

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Ola Bieńkowska: 2000 And Fine
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Ola Bieńkowska: 2000 And Fine

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