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Olivia Newton John: Olivia

Why do I have to kill for you,When I should have known to stay away,Why was I there for you,I don't know how I lost my touch,I'll never believe that I could ever want somebodies love so much.Time can shake me loose from the blues,But who would know I'd be this slow,Shakin' you.I don't know what I'm lookin for,I just let the arrows go,And hope I find what I'm shooting for.So don't say that you'll be there for me,You don't care for me,I'll be gone,Cause I don't have the strength to be this strong,Tell me what to do,Who knew that it would hurt for so long,Shakin' you.Now I'm waiting to hit the ground,I'm painting my love for you in corners I know I'll get around.Time can shake me loose from the blues,But who would know I'd be this slow,Shakin' you.I don't know what I'm lookin for,I just let the arrows go,And hope I find what I'm shooting for.
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Olivia Newton John: Olivia

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Olivia Newton John: Olivia
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Olivia Newton John: Olivia

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