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Popsie: Latino Lover

Ahora cantare una cansión
Para los guapos latinos
An Italian stallion one day came my way, I got addicted what can I say
A "muy macho" with long black hair, I couldnt help but stop and stare
There was the king of salsa, numero uno
I got myself togetha and walked up to the fella
Hola guapo, ven aqui y dame lo gue necesito
Porque tu manera de bailar me vuelve loka
Latino lover with Brazillian eyes
Knocks me off my feet and makes my life complete
Latino lover Ive found my paradise
Latino lover
He got me hooked oh "hombre" sweet
Moving his hips to that lambada beat
My dream was complete but I got shocked
As heading for home my door was blocked
Three dark seoritas, a whole lady clan
They were screaming lound in anger, dont mess with our man
Carlitos, Carlitos donde vas, no me digas que te vas
Con las chicas petizas
Latino lover with Brazillian eyes
Knocks me off my feet and makes my life complete
Latino lover Ive found my paradise
Latino lover
Nook Bkk, TH.
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Popsie: Latino Lover

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Popsie: Latino Lover
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Popsie: Latino Lover

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