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Silver Sun: Wonderful

Yeah-vaseline, put some pepper on it
Maybe margerine, into a crank rank
Let me out, of this can of beans
Let me out, of this can of beans
Let me out, of this can of beans
And don't pass do we're not exactly stable
I'm as still, as a shy sheep
Gone to sleep on a little table
I know why, you gotta try, stuck in the middle again
Yeah-hard as a piece of wood and thick as a board
Please can I be, as soft as a sponge and
The soup has all gone cold
Let me out, of this can of beans
Let me out, of this can of beans
Let me out, of this can of beans
Nothing could be worse, it's wonderful of course
If it goes right instead if wrong
Fed up, fed up now, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
Wonderful and wonderful
(repeat chorus)
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Silver Sun: Wonderful

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Silver Sun: Wonderful
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Silver Sun: Wonderful

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