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Skrewdriver: I Can See The Fire

I can see the glint of belief shining in your eyes
I know you won't turn back, from the future as it lies
You feel the anger, direct it at the people all around
For it seems that they are asleep, it seems their hands are bound

I can see the fire and I know that it won't die
I can see the flames are burning deep inside your eyes

You're walking 'round, it seems as if you're in another land
It seems the people function with their heads deep in the sand
You start to shout, you start to scream, but the sleepers slumber on
Then you awake, open your eyes, but the nightmare hasn't gone

It seems that life is going to be uphill all the way
But you won't yield, it's no surrender until your dying day
For your ideals mean more to you than very life itself
For the pride you feel is all you need, it's more than any wealth
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Skrewdriver: I Can See The Fire

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Skrewdriver: I Can See The Fire
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Skrewdriver: I Can See The Fire

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