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Snoop Dogg: My Favorite Color

Man what the FUCK do you think we're doin here
We're FED UP, we're sick of this shit!
And the police ain't never gonna get anywhere man
Shakin people down, shinin the lights in our eyes
Treatin all of us like criminals, cause of where we live
And right in front of our kids!

Uh sir do you know where your kids are right now?

Oh, oh, oh, shabba-dooba-dee-da-dee
Shab-dooba-da-da-dee-dee (Black)
Oh, oh, oh, (Part of being black yo)

[Snoop Dogg]
When I get up, shakin up, breakin up, takin up
Tryna get my money on, tryna cake up
Tryna stack up, and tryna back up
Tryna pack up, I gotsta act up, and get my thang right
Cuz you know, it's all part of being black
No disrespect to the white, but you know
When your black your black
You got to do one thing and try an get some get back
Uh it's the truth, it's a fact
That when your black, everybody on ya back
It's true, it's a fact
That when your black, everybody tryna take yo stack
Now watch out for the rat pack
From the black, yo' niggas in the front, yo' niggas in the back
Yo' niggas who got stack, and yo' niggas who got 'Lacs
Yo' niggas who don't get it, but yo' niggas who pack
Now you gotsta have a full game, cuz if you gone be black
You gotsta watch out, cuz these niggas want stacks
These niggas on a mission and they have to rat pack
They don't give a fuck, cuz these niggas is black
They being black about the mind, being black about paper
But being all about black ain't givin you vapors
And try to put you up on game and try to show ya
That if you ain't black, you besta get a white lawyer
Cuz I'ma tell ya and give ya the game, that
being black is like being in the yang
Cuz they always gone label you, always gone fable you
And always gone point at you when somethin go down
And I knew, that it would be me, and not jiz-ou
Cuz they know that I roll, with the biggest black criz-ew
And we all about gettin green
but when your black tryin to get green,
it's hectic, know what I'm mean?
Cuz they always gonna, stop ya - drop ya - pop ya - mop ya
And then they gonna sweep ya, up under the rug
No more gangbangin, no more hidin out thug
I'm tellin you the real, you better feel what I feel
Cuz these niggas on a mission, a mission to kill
And they ain't askin nobody and that's a fact
You better watch out if your black

[Male singer]
We all people
So tell me what we do to get cheated the same
Beware people
Better watch your back and step up your game
Beware, beware
We all people
Tell me when we gonna get cheated the same

[Snoop over chorus]
Uh, it's true that when your black, they out for ya stack
Gotta watch ya back, cuz niggas is niggas,
and that's part of being black
You gotta keep ya eyes on ya stack
These niggas gone getcha black, uh it's real
It's a fact, cuz ya gotta watch yourself when your kinda black
Be real, watch ya back,
cuz if you don't these niggas gone getcha black

[Snoop Dogg]
Now you wonder why I put so much pressure on my brothers
But niggas is niggas, and I can't put it no other -
Way, just play and say what you wanna say
Niggas is the same all throughout the USA
I been around the world, and I came on back home
And niggas is the same, they always try to get ya boy
They like dogs, squabblin, tryin to get yours
But if you ain't gone open it, they knock down the doors
They gone take what they get, gonna get what they take
And if you gone be fake, check that shit from the gate
If you afraid of the dark, then stay out the alley
They got blacks being blacks way out in the valley
I used to be afraid, like to be shook up
Cuz niggas like you always leave the game hooked up
Tryna get yours, but you gone get it too fast
Cuz I'ma tell ya, watch them niggas,
cuz them black ass niggas on the move in the mash boy
And niggas don't care cuz they out for cash and they know
If they catch you slippin, they gettin you and gettin away
Its part of the pay, its part of the day, they do it they way
And if you black it goes on like ev-er-y-day
I don't know black on black, black for black
But blacks take off on blacks
Blacks need to realize and wake up
And see we all one color, all one game
You my sister, you my brother
So you my daddy, or you my mother
I don't know but I know we all realated
And if we stay down there's no way that they can fade it
But that's just a game peice from me to y'all
But if black on black gone continue to brawl
Then black gone fall, then black knah
Y'all better wake up and check out the black Dogg

[Male singer]
So Snoop Dogg speak the real
It don't even make a difference if it got matching sho'real

[Snoop Dogg]
Uh, its like that,
then your black, they out for ya stack
And its a fact, when your black, ya can't come back
Cuz if ya go to the hood, they watchin you
They will lurk in you, they gonna get you
Cuz your not payin attention, you led a nigga too much,
but that nigga straight snitchin

[Chorus - Male singer]
We all people
So tell me what we do to get cheated the same
Beware people
Better watch your back and step up your game
Beware, beware
We all people
Tell me when we gonna get cheated the same
Beware people
Better watch your back and step up your game

[Snoop Dogg over chorus]
Black, like that y'all,
Uh too black ya'll, black
It's like that ya'll
Yea I'm too black ya'll
It's like that y'all
Haha too black y'all
Yea it's like that y'all
Uh it's too black y'all
Yea it's like that y'all
Yea it's too black y'all
Yea it's like that y'all
Uh, I'm too black y'all
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Snoop Dogg: My Favorite Color

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Snoop Dogg: My Favorite Color
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Snoop Dogg: My Favorite Color

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