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Stone Sour: Zzyxz Rd

I dont know how else to put this - its taken me so long to do this Im falling asleep and i cant see straight My muscles feel like a melee - body is curled in a U-shape I put on my best, but im still afraid Propped by lies and promises - saving my place as life forgets Maybe its time i saw the world Im only here for awhile - but patience is not my style And im so tired that i got to go What am I supposed to hide now? What am I supposed to do? Did you really think i wouldnt see this through? Tell me I should stick around for you, tell me I could have it all Im still too tired to care and I got to go I get to go home in one week, but im leaving home in three weeks they throw me a bone just to pick me dry Im following suit and directions - I crawl up inside for protection Im told what to do and I dont know why Im over existing in limbo - Im over the myths and placebos I dont really mind if I just fade away... Im ready to live with my family - Im ready to die in obscurity Cuz Im so tired that I got to go Where am I supposed to hide now? What am I supposed to do? You still dont think Im going to see this through? Tell me Im a part of history - Tell me I could have it all Im still too tired to care and I got to go Solo Josh Im still too tired and to care and I got to go... Solo Corey
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Stone Sour: Zzyxz Rd

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Stone Sour: Zzyxz Rd
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Stone Sour: Zzyxz Rd

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