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Superbutt: Johnny Bravo

Look, how incredibly strong I am
My shoulders hold a ton of weight
Trouble lives next door, we meet every day
It pushes me around, but I stand straight
Look, how incredibly solid I am
I'm a concrete block, I'm a truckload of steel
Misery drives down my street every day
But I block the road and I stop its wheel

I won't let you sink, come, swim in my lake
You know that I'm fake - you can trust me
Fake - come, swim in my lake
Fake - don't be scared
I'm fake - you can trust me!

Look, how incredibly resistant I am
I protect and I serve and I stand the pain
I die a hundred times every day
But I get up and I fight again
Look, how incredibly reliable I am
You can count on my words, whatever they mean
Turn me on, I'm here every day
My voice will keep you safe and clean

I won't let you sink, come, swim in my lake
You know that I'm fake - you can trust me
Fake - come, swim in my lake
Fake - don't be scared
I'm fake - you can trust me!

Get up on my back and relax, you're going to fly
I can make you do it, you just have to try
You can make a difference, why always comply?
Come after me and you'll learn how to lie

I won't let you sink, come, swim in my lake
You can trust me, I'm fake! (4x)
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Superbutt: Johnny Bravo

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Superbutt: Johnny Bravo
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Superbutt: Johnny Bravo

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