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  • Maktub 20 Years
    "gather all your things and i will tell you a story of a man who never new where he was from story goes he would not ever find love passion has a way of slipping from the silver tongued someday we'll find"
  • Amuro Namie Concentration 20
    "Amuro Namie Concentration 20 Concentration 20 ano koonaa wo shizuka kani magatte kurai uchini ieni modoroukanado omottakoro iikanjini natteki taka ramo uchiyotto konomama sonomama kuruma no joshuseki"
  • Toolmaker 20 chłopców
    ""20 chłopców" Zabrali dzisiaj nam Dwudziestu chłopców z naszej wsi Dziewczyny smutne są Chłopcy do wojska muszą iść W mundurach ładnie im Dwudziestu chłopców z naszej wsi Odjechał pociąg już Po moście"
  • Big & Rich 20 Margaritas
    "There's a boy named Billy He's from up there in Virginia He makes that lightnin' holler in them hills He's got a recipe handed down from his pappy In a shiny 50-gallon copper still There's a boy name Jose Makes"
  • Bombshell Rocks 20 Days
    "See another day I try to kill the time, but this time it stays alive You could say I'm a long distance caller 40 minutes action and ten hour drive Some dreams come true That's one thing I know And girl,"
  • Mr. Shadow 4:20
    "Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed (Mr. Shadow) I feelin Irry come and try me You can look all around but you can't find me With my shadow"
  • Sixpence None the Richer 4: 20
    "Sit back and hold your breath, just let nature take effectA warm glow inside my bonesThe touch of velvet rubbed against my soulThought of things you've always knownThought of things you've always knownBreak"
  • Endless Struggle 20 Years
    "pretentious f**king assholes too cool for the scene 20 years since they lived hard old washed up and f**king clean no sense of what's going on the only feeling is greed with a big label on there side and"
  • Close Your Eyes 17:20
    "Bring me back to the days when everything made sense to me Together we could move the mountains and watch them fall into the sea Times have changed now that I'm older; where did I go wrong? Life was beautiful"
  • Method Man 4:20
    "(feat. Carlton Fisk, RZA, Streetlife) Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it (roll it up niggaz) Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it (4:20, y'all, it's time, it's time) Roll that shit, light"

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