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  • Close Your Eyes 17:20
    " to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you” Matthew 17:20"
  • With Honor 20 Strong
    "So it's been weeks and I can't help but stop and think, These rooms seem cold without you. Memories turned salty cheeks, I still feel the flames you held beneath my feet. Life may ever be so good again. I've"
  • Goldfinger 20? Goodbye
    "Went out today To try and phone you I guess you didn't Recognize my call The lady on your end Said you got caller I. D And I'm feeling sorry That you've been Woken up so much And I'm feeling guilty Just"
  • Embodyment 20 Tongues
    "run your mouth brothers, sisters watch your back knives are coming down from the mouths of family put down, let down, let die through these lies broken i stand unreconciled submissive resistance amputation"
  • Dildo 20 Minutos
    "La saliva me quema, como una braza No puedo decirte lo que pienso hoy Ser que es por miedo, o tal vez sea el nervio y me voy Ya no te aguanto tan cerca La vida se acaba, como prende una mecha No pienso"
  • Teen Idols 20 Below
    "It's warm out tonite But I'm freezing She said she's moving out But there's just no good reason I tried to tell her not to go I turned the fire up But it's still twenty below Whatever happened to the"
  • Covenant 20 Hz
    "I ride the morning trainPeople come and goSo many different facesAs the city passes byI watch their tired eyesJourneys never madeBroken dreams of leavingFill the streets with dustThis is our final journeyIts"
  • Idaho 20 Years
    "Twenty years oldAnd the pounding in your earsEverything was perfectYou're never going homeSouth KennsingtonUp to Edgerware RoadThe key to the parkYou're never going homeThe stars fell into placeBut something"
  • NOFX 20 Something
    "My generation no direction, my generation no opinion. My generation in a soundbite, my generation isn't quite right. And generation X will rise up from the ashes of its own mistakes. And we will find our"
  • Placebo 20 Years
    "There are twenty years to go and twenty ways to know who will wear who will wear the hat There are twenty years to go the best of all i hope enjoy the ride the medicine show And thems the breaks for we"

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