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%C5%BCycie jest wielk%C4%85 cwaniar%C4%85 lemON

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%C5%BCycie jest wielk%C4%85 cwaniar%C4%85 lemON

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%C5%BCycie jest wielk%C4%85 cwaniar%C4%85 lemON
  • Youngbloodz 85
    "(big boi) Uh-huh, yeah, y'knahmtalkinbout? A-town connection right heah You got youngbloodz, uhh Featurin daddy fatsack, y'knahmtalkinbout? Outkast, y'knahmtalkinbout? Yeah, like dis.. check it out Chorus:"
  • Rilo Kiley 85
    "I'm just of real sad folk And '85 was our best year And she says it gets much worse Before it gets any better So I take it with a grain of salt for the other means I wonder why it doesn't keep her up"
  • Pidżama Porno Bal u senatora '85
    "Dziś wielki bal u senatora Uciekamy przed głodnymi szczurami Dodając sobie odwagi chlejemy denaturat Nie mówimy nic, nie ważne są słowa W okna zamiast szyb wstawiono kraty My musimy udawać, że ą ze złota Zza"
  • Eppu Normaali Vuonna '85
    "Silmmme avataan ja suljetaan me maailmanpyrll kuljetaan Ylspin, ja alas, ja ympri hei maailmanpyrni vei elmni oli tyls niin sit tylsyytt katselin silmt kii silmni avasin ja maailman nin maailmaani katsomaan"
  • Time Tells All Remember '85
    "This is the outro to your beginning You're an act; this is only scene one Talk is cheap, but I pay a lot for mine My hands up in the clouds and my body's on the ground Runaway, runaway What is this"
  • Frank Black 85 Weeks
    "Once eric said "come gather 'round I'll tell a tale that is sure to astound" un-somnambulist that's awake see, he don't sleep talkin' takin' no break walkin' but you don't believe oo-ooh no you don't"
  • U2 Lemon
    "Lemon See through in the sunlight She wore lemon But never in the daylight She's gonna make you cry She's gonna make you whisper and moan And when you're dry She draws her water from the stone And"
  • Holly Blue Lemon
    "If he is real how come we can't see him? If he loves us why so much pain? If he wants us to be with (?) in heaven Why heaven can't be here? One day you're loosing Your best friend, your best friend Another"
  • Gavin Castleton Lemon
    "I'm saying this with one voice - I'm not trying to express these views with a bunch of extra tracks of me agreeing with myself. I'm not going to employ the mob mentality to try and sway your opinion I'm"
  • Sofie Lemon
    "they've clipped my wings again tore them apart and left me no use to fly away to my yesterday of freedom my eyes died back that day seeing the hurt may have done beat me instead of them pain's my only"
  • Stafford Lemon
    "This could be a change of pace for each of us, or this could merely be lightning striking twice. If the latter holds true, I'll scrape your charred remains off the pavement and smother them with kisses."
  • Scars Of Life Lemon
    "My thoughts I hold back the truth that's unspoken It keeps, pulling me down As the seasons change within me, I'm coming around Its all these things I say to you But feel nothing Its all these things I"
  • Alice Nine Lemon
    "anytime mitsumeteta toshioita ki no ha ga kareochiru hibi wo itsuka wa ano kigi mo kono boku no youni kuchihatete yuku no ka... Before long yattekita kyou to iu no hi ga omukae no hi sa kokoro nokori wa"
  • Katy Rose Lemon
    "They've clipped my wings again Tore them apart and then Left me No use to fly away to My yesterday Of freedom My eyes died back that day Seeing the hurt I may have done Beat my instead of them Pain is"
  • Smoke Blow Sick Kid '85
    "I'm gonna gave ya gave ya any of all I gave ya all the spirit you need those days are gone but they are not forgot I have only tried in these times to be strong I have tried and tried everything I know"
  • Nino Ferrer New York 85
    "Pendant que tu voles sur l'Atlantique Vers les Etats-Unis d'Amrique Moi, je suis vautr dans un bar Pour y noyer ce vieux cafard Qui me remplit de haut en bas A chaque fois que tu n'es pas l Et je nage"
  • Klimt 1918 Snow Of '85
    "Here we stand in silence Dreaming plans that could not fail You try to hide your face, yeah Stood beside the wall Still I can't escape from joy, Time is running out, Do you feel falling snow? 1985 My glass"
  • Anvil A.Z. 85
    "Alfonse Capone Godfather on a throne A king of crime A product of his time A pimp before puberty A menace to society Bootlegging and bribery Outrageous brutality Prostitution and gambling The Chicago mobster Scarface"
  • Lemon Demon Lemon Demon
    "NEIL: He's got fresh juice for one dollar. He's got the pink kind if you're into that. You take one sip and one more sip, Pretty soon you're chugging down the whole vat. It's Lemon Demon, oh, lemon out"
  • Insane Clown Posse 85 Bucks An Hour
    "Chillin at the Studio Chillin at the Studio 85 bucks an hour So hurry up and loop a beat Mike, come on! I'm Violent J, but my homies call me shithead But that's my homies To you I'm Violent J bitch I"

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