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-mrozu i thomson
  • Cyndi Thompson Cyndi Thomson
    "There goes the boy from Santa Fe Who lost his momma in the second grade Played Romeo in his high school play He's never been in an airplane The goes the boy who goes to town To people watch and just hang"
  • Cyndi Thomson But I Want To
    "(Cyndi Thomson/Tommy Lee James/James LaBlanc) You don't know me but I'm the girl who lives upstairs Apartment two fourteen the girl with long brown hair I know you've seen me cause I've seen you but we've"
  • Cyndi Thomson If You Could Only See
    "(Cyndi Thomson/Tommy Lee James/Arnie Roman) You come home uncompleted Down and defeated Feeling all alone You think your dreams are passing by you And deep down inside you You're running out of hope If"
  • Cyndi Thomson If You Were Mine
    "(Cyndi Thomson/Tommy Lee James/Liz Hengber) If you were mine I would celebrate like everyday was Christmas If you were mine I would love you like it's nobody's business I would give you everything I had I"
  • Cyndi Thomson Things I Would Do
    "(Cyndi Thomson/Tommy Lee James/Robin Lerner) Things I would do Apologize,bite my tongue Swallow my pride,just shut up Change my tune,clip my wings Take it back,everything Things I would do just to have"
  • Cyndi Thomson What I Really Meant To Say
    "(Cyndi Thomson/Chris Waters/Tommy Lee James) It took me by surprise When I saw you standin' there Close enough to touch Breathin' the same air You asked me how I'd been I guess that's when I smiled and"
  • Cyndi Thomson I'm Gone
    "(Kim Richy/Chuck Prophet) One more time Yeah,that's what I said back a couple of times ago Thank you Kindly for reminding me I'm good to go I'm gone And I'm taking all my good stuff Gone,gone You'll"
  • Cyndi Thomson There Goes The Boy
    "(Odie Blackmon/Jay Knowles) There goes the boy from Santa Fe Who lost his momma in the second grade Played Romeo in his high school play He's never been in an aeroplane There goes the boy who goes to"
  • Cassi Thomson Caught Up In You
    "Im so in love, And I cant fight the feeling My heart is helpless and I cant resist. I still remember when the world stood still when, The first time we kissed. Youre all I see, When I think of forever, Me"
  • Kashif Ibadullah Khan Loving You
    "Why do I sit here While dadda drinks his beer I write all these songs But yet it seems so wrong All I seem to write about Is loving you with no doubt I always have and always will It's an addiction to"
  • Jinger Just Today Again
    "I made somebody smile today He sang from from the clouds today So did I For some the earth never opens wide To see the otherside They just hide I'm up, today, again Will we be here tomorrow and then Now"
  • Madness Sarah's Song
    "(Thomson/Barson/Barson) Welcome home Seems as if it were yesterday since you were gone Now sit yourself and let me witness what's become Of the smiles that you brought, and placed upon But there is nothing"
  • Aina Silver Maiden
    "(Storyteller: Sebastian Thomson) (Maiden Voice: Amanda Somerville) (Narrator: Michael Kiske) (Storyteller:) The streets were never more grateful To be walked upon until she was born And when she's finished"
  • Mike Heron Flowers Of The Forest
    "Richard Thomson: lead guitar Rose Simpson: bass Dave Mattacks: drums Sweet love the words that made you cry They came from one that don't have love like we do Even if you'd give him all your sweet"
  • Kashif Ibadullah Khan Today
    "I was gonna call you tonight But I thouhgt I just might Go on the net instead The hit the lights and go to bed I opened my email hoping there'd be one from you There was so I opened it My eyes were fixed"
  • Michel Jonasz La Boite De Jazz
    "Un peu parti un peu naze J'descends dans la bote de Jazz Histoire d'oublier un peu Le cours de ma vie Les gamins me regardent nervs c: C'est pas un habitu Srement pas un amoureux de Dizzy s: L'orchestre"
  • Hole Romio
    "You're like a lollie, Can't hold you back I need to treat myself, So cute me some slack Oh please, You can't take my inner peace Oh yeah, Is there anything you can spare? I need your lovin', So keep on"
  • Tim McGraw Please Do Nt Take The Girl
    "Johnny's daddy was taking him fishing When he was 8 years old A little girl came thru the front gate, holding a fishing pole His dad looked down and smiled, he said we can't leave her behind Son i know"
  • Mavado Nuh Bleach Wid Cream
    "Aaaay, before di rifle sound, before it sound Bwoy run outta town, run outta town aay Before di rifle sound, before di rifle sound Dem caan be found aaaaaaaay Shotta nuh bleach wid cream, wi bleach wid"
  • Tim McGraw Don't take the girl
    "Johnny's daddy was taking him fishing when he was 8 years old. Little girl came through the front gate, holding a fishing pole. His dad looked down and smiled, said: we can't leave her behind. Son I know"

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