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  • Roger Miret And The Disasters 1984
    "In 1984 we ruled the streets of New York City Street rock'n'roll, Street Hardcore! In the"
  • Billy Squier 1984
    " lives the illusion That love will survive But I got a chance with myself if I try To be sure of myself and"
  • Styx Jennifer
    " love, gives me the power Her dreams carry me on Jennifer, so inviting That I"
  • Aberfeldy Jennifer
    " walking with me You smile in a beautiful way You're lovely is all I can say And I ain't thinking of nobody Nobody but you I ain't gonna love"
  • Freak Power Rush
    ", I get a rush. I get a rush, down to my feet, I get a rush. See you there, standing with a secret smile on"
  • Jennifer Rush Power of love
    " that I canWe're heading for something, somewhere i've never beenSometimes I am frightened but I'm ready to learnof the power of"
  • Jennifer Rush The power of love
    " loveSomewhere I've never beenSometimes I am frightenedBut I'm ready to learn'Bout the power of love(...)"
  • Jennifer Rush Healing power
    " something going on here Thats out of our control This is happening too fast for us to fight Theres a healing power Deep in all of"
  • David Bowie 1984
    " Beware the savage jaw Of 1984 They'll split your pretty cranium, and fill it full of"
  • Black Moon Rush
    " enemies (rush) Til you feelin' me (rush) Or til you rid of me (rush) The"
  • Dagoba Rush
    "I don't know why blood makes people rush Violence is a power you' ve denied so much We're all the same... I"
  • Billy Squier (ANOTHER) 1984
    " lives the illusion That love will survive But I got a chance with myself if I try To be sure of myself and"
  • Depeche Mode Rush
    " a sensitive mouth I'm easy to see through When I come up When I rush I rush for you Cry for you Seen the tears Roll"
  • Neutral Milk Hotel Jennifer
    " I bring Jennifer sailboats And Jennifer brings me the sky We swim through a sea of"
  • David Bowie 1984
    "Someday they won't let you, so now you must agree The times they are a-telling, and the changing isn't free You've read it in the"
  • Abdul Paula Rush Rush
    "Abdul Paula Spellbound Rush Rush YOU'RE THE WHISPER OF A SUMMER BREEZE YOU'RE"
  • SHeDAISY Rush
    "(Kristyn Osborn, Marcus Hummon) To be the first in someone's life To set the sun and raise the moon In someone"
  • Poisonblack Rush
    " raising breaths on breaths I love, I love the rush of"
  • Big Audio Dynamite Rush
    "If I had my time again, I would do it all the same, And not change a single thing, Even when I was to blame, For the heartache & the"
  • Poison Black Rush
    "? Dont blame yourself for wanting more and more Flesh on flesh raising breaths on breaths I love the rush

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