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Mike Candys feat. Evelyn

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Mike Candys feat. Evelyn

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Mike Candys feat. Evelyn
  • Mike Candys Brand New Day (feat. Evelyn & Carlprit)
    " making Uh, life is going on, this is a brand new , brand new day We got the beautiful Evelyn, the miraculous Mr. Mike Candys And"
  • Mike Candys One Night In Ibiza (feat. Evelyn)
    " Beautiful girls, get your ass on the dancefloor ….. dancefloor Send your feet up, see Ibiza, Candys, Miller, … Don’t you give me the stars Don’t you give me your love Don’t"
  • Mike Candys Everybody (feat. Evelyn & Tony T)
    "I feel so good tonight, Let’s make this party right We have a Drink, or two? Baby I want you, I want you Everybody, Singing Oh Oh Oh Put your Handy Up ! Singing Oh Oh Oh, Crazy People Singing Oh Oh Oh,"
  • Mike Candys Vs. Shaun Baker Heaven & Hell (Feat. Evelyn)
    "There’s a boy on the floor He looks like an angle Makes me lose my mind But the boy at that bar The fire in his eyes makes me go so blind Come on get down the floor Baby get up give me some more I’m in"
  • Mike Candys 2012 (If The World Would End) ft. Evelyn & Patrick Miller
    "And if the world would end tomorrow We don't care tonight is the night And if the world would end tomorrow Just put your hands up, and feel alright! Alright! Put your hands up 2012 Aha, because we don't"
  • Mike Candys Sunshine (Fly So High) feat. Sandra Wild
    "This will be a good night Uh, yeah! Come and make me fly so high (so high) I ain't to the sky Come and make me fly (fly) so high (so high) On the sunshine in the sky I typed a wall in this endless space While"
  • Mike Candys Bring Back The Love (feat. Jenson Vaughan)
    "My tears ran dry when you said goodbye Yeah, I almost cried an ocean And sleepless nights feeling dead inside 'Cause you've torn my heart wide open You're like an angel Without the halo You give and take"
  • Pop Will Eat Itself Evelyn
    "Could you be the one I want to see Could you be the one I'm waiting for - oh Evelyn When I drink alone I think of you When I think alone I drink to you - oh Evelyn Oh"
  • Xymox Evelyn
    " blows through my skin Through my skin All the choices and many voices Keep on telling me It's you, evelyn It's you, evelyn We talked about"
  • Clan Of Xymox Evelyn
  • Flybanger Evelyn
    " better get used to it Can't remember yesterday got to get out get used to it Can't remember yesterday got to get out get you out Evelyn are you losein' it Hanging onto"
  • Hurts Evelyn
    "I don't mind, If your hand's a little cold. Cause I'm alive, But I got nowhere to go. So stay with me Evelyn. Don't leave me with the medicine. In the night As you sit"
  • Scapegoat Wax Evelyn
    "I want you all to celebrate I had to shed my beat-up skin I've been waiting for this day I choose my weapon and begin I had to get out of here for my Evelyn (my Evelyn) Seems"
  • Huntwork Hewitt Evelyn
    " was I thinking Is what I think when I look back And it's been a while So I can manage a smile But I can't seem to change the fact That I don't want to save the planet If it's the planet where Evelyn(...)"
  • Snap Lady Madonna Feat. Mike Voila
    "this brand new skin is wearing thin and youll never know until its gone what does it take to get this through to you subject yourself to things that you deserve just stop me if youve heard enuff of wat"
  • The Tragically Hip Evelyn
    "i'm going down to see my highway girl she just back from around the world i'm gonna get me a gun, i'm gonna stand on guard in a little white booth in her front yard throwing rocks at her window what could"
  • Cher Lloyd With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner)
    "Da da da da dum dum da dum dum Da da da da dum dum da dum dum Da da da da dum dum da dum dum Da da da da dum dum Baby you the best cause you worked me out I keep building walls up but you tear 'em down I'm"
  • Snoop Dogg French Inhale (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Mike Posner)
    "(Piosenka z filmu "Mac and Devin go to high school") French inhale I like the way you french inhale Do it again French inhale I like the way you french inhale Do it again Uhh, you ain't gotta sell"
  • Xiu Xiu Mike
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"
  • Rocky Votolato Crabtree and Evelyn
    "I catch a hint of how you smelt On the 1st day that we met As I hang up your blue pants Next to mine, we're intertwined In my closet and I'm reminded of The greenest eyes that ever burned from behind Crabtree"

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