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Mike Tramp - Hymn to Ronnie

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Mike Tramp - Hymn to Ronnie

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Mike Tramp - Hymn to Ronnie
  • Frankie Valli Ronnie
    "I'll go on living and keep on forgiving Because you were my first love So very warm and tender the way you loved me Hey girl can't you remember and want more of me Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie why did you go Ronnie"
  • Metallica Ronnie
    "(Hetfield / Ulrich) Story starts, quiet town Small-town boy, big-time frown Never talks, never plays Different path, lost his way Then streets of red-red, I'm afraid- There's no confetti, no parade Nothing"
  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive Tramp
    "Tramp Have you got a quarter for me Tramp I'll even take a dime anytime Standing on a corner Living in the street I got to make a living From the people that I meet I'm a tramp Just a tramp Spare change"
  • Foxy Brown Tramp
    "(Tramp) Whatchu call me? (Tramp) Whatchu call me? (Tramp) Whatchu call me? (Tramp) Whatchu call me? Home girls, attention you must pay So listen close to what I say Don't take this as no simple rhyme Because"
  • Otis Redding Tramp
    "Tramp! What you call me? Tramp. You didn't! You don't wear continental clothes, or Stetson hats. Well I tell you one dog-gone thing. It makes me feel good to know one thing. I know I'm a lover. Matter"
  • Buddy Guy Tramp
    "Tramp What you call me? Tramp Oh you didn't You don't wear continental clothes or Stetson hats Well I tell you one doggone thing It makes me feel good to know one thing I know I'm a lover Matter of opinion,"
  • Ifi Ude TRAMP
    "Ain’t got no money Strange things around my head What am I supposed to do I want to disappear Nobody cares for me Nobody cares for a man like me There’s nothing there waiting for me. How can I find a peace"
  • ZZ Top Tramp
    "Tramp You could call me that I don't wear continental clothes Stetson hats, sometimes (????) Heh heh Momma would. Papa too. I love this child. It is all I know how to do Heh. Call me country Right from"
  • Remedy Tramp
    "(Rose Tattoo) Oh babe is such a tramp Screamer creamer, a trick in the camp You're sittin' on the fella's faces Helpin' them live their wildest dreams The seam in your jeans has disappeared And I know"
  • The Stranglers Tramp
    "Takes the time to stay one place Though his clothes aren't finest lace Read the lines on a tramp's face Taking his time just like you just like me Wandering so fancy free Searching for love in the call"
  • Mungo Jerry Tramp
    "The sun was low, and the shadow was cold, On the pale drawn face, that was wrinkled and old, A newspaper coat, hanging loose 'round his throat, And the shoes on his feet, strips of leather tied up with"
  • Hymn USA Hymn
    "Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were"
  • Xiu Xiu Mike
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"
  • Chaos UK Ronnie I
    "Ronnie was a rebel, he also was a thief He'd take your granny's pension and kick her false teeth Stole his uncle's motor, drove it into town Ronnie was a hard man, they'd never put him down Ronnie"
  • Deacon Blue Ronnie Spector
    "I take off my glasses and I pull on my shirt I call up my friends on my long ,long list I said I've got a reason just to get to the coast I'll stand on the streets where all the books were wrote I remember"
  • The Dingees Ronnie Raygun
    "They don't call me this for nothing Clueless to the fact I know something Clueless are the masses they better off staying paranoid They don't know how true this really is Pull my string but no I'm not"
  • Klaus & Kinski Ronnie O'Sullivan
    "Dame una razón, una que sea buena, dame una razón para salvarte de la quema. Dame una razón que merezca algn respeto, dos minutos ms y ests fuera, y ests fuera. Cuntame por qu merece la pena, comienza"
  • La Ruda Ronnie Sait
    "Ronny sait J'aurai jet la France... dans le lit de Presley Ronny aime le conflit, Ronny le conoit les deux doigts dans la prise 123 Ronny sait J'aurai jet la France... Ronny pense dans le lit de Presley Ronny,"
  • Lady And The Tramp He's A Tramp
    "He's a tramp But they love him Breaks a new heart Ev'ry day He's a tramp They adore him And I only hope He'll stay that way He's a tramp He's a scoundrel He's a rounder He's a cad He's a tramp But"
  • Big Head Todd And The Monsters Hymn
    "The city is spread Reach to the heavens This cloud cover breathing soft and rain Yes I'm good looking Yes I have money Don't it count for nothing over there. The snow falls dirty We watch our blue t.v. Educated"

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