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Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

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Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

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Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
  • Milky Chance Stolen Dance
    " to fetch back the time They have stolen from us And I want you We can bring it on the floor You’ve never danced like this before But we don’t"
  • Oblivion Stolen
    "I'm not that kind of man, Who tries to take things when he can. These things conjure up by chance, when you have the exact same dance, I've"
  • John Hiatt Stolen Moments
    " thinking those days were the best of times But I never look forward to looking back Now I see a little daylight coming through the cracks Don't you know we're living in stolen"
  • Jennifer Brown Stolen
    " you've stolen my heart today too bad cause i want him back too bad cause im all distracted feel bad should have told you that before one chance"
  • Icehouse Stolen guitar
    " She was one step ahead of a new thing Both feet planted over the fine line In a cheap dance club down in the basement She was almost sixteen with her face on And the singer"
  • Ministry Stolen
    "Let truth be told Until it's sold Silence is golden Too bad it's all been stolen Stolen! Stolen! Stolen! Our"
  • Monrose Stolen
    " Stolen, stolen Is there nothing left living for? Cuz I can't even breathe enough to cry no more Stolen,"
  • Victor Ly Missed My Chance To Dance
    "Trying my best to dance if only I can move my feet Trying hard not to glance but I know I'm too weak I'm looking for the girl so I stare off to the side She's my entire world but"
  • Ratt Dance
    ", dance, dance Feel the heat of the rhythm Feel the heat of my hand Dance, dance,"
  • Noe Venable Stolen Thing
    " freeway Oh I was dancing slow Oh I was dancing free Oh I was dancing slow And this is the dance of the stolen thing(...)Where in the hell"
  • Westlife Dance
    " The way it all would end, the way it all would go Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd have had to miss the dance"
  • Rab ne bana di jodi Dance Pe Chance
    " thaam le oi dance pe chance marle, oh soniya dance pe chance marle oh baliye"
  • Allure Last chance
    "This is my last dance with you This is my only chance to do all I can do To let you know that what I feel for you is real This is the last"
  • Junior Senior Dance, Chance, Romance
    " pretty, but I like that smile And you wanted to dance So I might take a chance Hoping for a little romance Singing Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!' Hallelujah!"
  • Soft Cell Last Chance
    " how it shows So come over here For some romance And dance with me Like it's the last dance And come home with me Won't you come home with"
  • Pooh-Man 50-50 Chance
    "50-50 chance, 50-50 chance... When I got a nine it's a 50-50 chance... Straight youngsta Tryin' to survive"
  • Dance Nation Dance
    " right and shine your light so while let's chance let's dance so while let's chance so while let's
  • Fugazi Last Chance For A Slow Dance
    "Coughing inside your coffin like at the bottom of the sea Onside you're breathing too numb for asking so i will leave it outside your door Warning the threat of morning that just extends you another"
  • James Stolen Horse
    " a preachers eyes, Now all of your preaching has failed, Hope you come through&ldots;.. Someone has stolen your horse, Hitch a ride cos it's far too far to walk. Someone"
  • Young Love Find Another Way To Dance
    "we'll find another way to dance if you get the chance you must dance dance

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