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Newtimers - She's A Gun

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Newtimers - She's A Gun

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Newtimers - She's A Gun
  • Weddings Parties Anything Gun
    "Sometimes you can say more, in a drunken hour or so Than some people get across, in a life of lying low. And sometimes you can feel more, for someone you've barley kissed, but you don't see it at the time,"
  • New York Rel-X She's Got A Gun
    "creeping up from behind you've got nowhere to hide see her shadow in the night she's gonna take away your life (x2) a faceless girl in the deep dark night her footsteps lost and out of sight she's"
  • Yello She's Got A Gun
    "This is tonight, and it rains like in a french black and white movie of the 50's. I feel like a character in it who's just lost it all, who is alone with his raincoat and a face showing a yet un Way out"
  • New York Rel-X She's Got A Gun / Paranoia (2002)
    "{{Album| |fLetter = S |Artist = New York Rel-X |Album = She's Got a Gun / Paranoia |Released = 2002 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star=Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''["
  • ZZ Top Gun Love
    "She likes to shoot her gun, Shootin' at the target of love. She likes to load her chamber, Hot and tight like a black leather glove. She's a little freak, but she'll take you in. You might be sittin' at"
  • Butt Trumpet Pink Gun
    "I'm only fifteen and I got a gun Mommy and daddy had better run I'm only fifteen and I got a gun Time to go out and shoot a nun Cold...hard...steel...pink! CHORUS She's a girl with a little pink gun Locked"
  • Kooks Eddie's Gun
    "Did you see the way she looks at me A honeybee got two lives and she's got me I tried to love her back And then I shrunk back into my wrap And in the barrel of my gun I hope i'm not the only one Yes,"
  • Ice-T Big gun
    "Its going down yo the girl got a gun best run because she's quick to flip and empty up the clip and make a man understand what she's coming from her hard core's connected to the base of her fate (?) she"
  • Ice T Big Gun
    "It's goin' down. Yo the girl got a gun, best run. Because she's quick to flip and empty out the clip, and make a man understand where she's comin' from. The hardcore's connected to the base of her fate. She"
  • Bleeding Through She's Gone
    "We are nothing. A lost cause for a lost cause. The hourglass is a loaded gun. Running short of sand. Breaking every single mirror. I'm burning every single letter. You're fading with a hundred pictures"
  • Foreigner Under The Gun
    "Good girl on a bad day She needs love in a bad way Victim in a red dress She won't give no more And won't take no less Walking up the west side She bought a ticket for the long ride Well she's ripe for"
  • The Killers Under The Gun
    "She's got her halo and wings Hidden under his eyes But she's an angel for sure She just can't stop telling lies But it's too late for his love Already caught in a trap His angel's kiss was a joke And"
  • Gun Barrel She's Coming Over Top
    "(G. Feldhausen) It was one those nights I'd better turned off the light But I'd been out drinking with the boys Then I saw that woman like a superstar she's coming As I saw that face it was too late (Chorus:) She's"
  • Dri Girl With A Gun
    "I don't trust that girl with a gun Something about a girl with a gun The way they fly off the handle Someone's gonna get hurt She's gonna hurt someone That girl's got a gun She's got a 28 She's got a 38 She's"
  • Squeeze Annie Get Your Gun
    "She goes for her medical She's passed, it's a miracle She's up over the moon She whistles nonsense tunes She wants drinks for everyone She's found a chord that she can strum Emotions leaking out Her paint's"
  • John Hiatt I Got A Gun
    "She took some blood and tears From an old fruit jar She rubbed it on her belly Where he left his scars She's such a fragile thing Like pigeon bones He couldn't whip my little brother He wouldn't"
  • The Only Ones Baby's Got A Gun
    "I found love in Atlanta, Georgia I said, "Baby, I don't think I can afford ya" She said, just for me - she'd do it for free Can't you see your infatuation's Gonna mean unusual complications You're in"
  • ZZ Ward Put the Gun Down
    "I got ten fingers to the sky, My back to the wall, my white flag high, Hair, lips, just like a gun, She's got silver bullets on her tongue, He's deep under her spell, I'm screamin' out, but it just won't"
  • Guster Barrel Of A Gun
    "I know a movie star, I've got her plastered to my wall Just like we're dear old friends, like she already knows me She's perfect as she seems, lifts me right out the Mezzanine I finally fell in love, I'd"
  • Mark Knopfler Nobody's get the gun
    "Nobody's got the gun Nobody's trying to get the drop on anyone Nobody's standing out on main street With the sun blazing down Saying "There's only room for one of us in this here town" Nobody's got the"

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