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Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera

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Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera

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Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera
  • A Great Big World Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera)
    "Say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one, if you want me to. Anywhere, I would've followed you. Say something, I'm giving up on you. And I am feeling so small. It was over my head I know nothing"
  • Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
    "Don't look at me Every day is so wonderful Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe Now and then, I get insecure From all the pain, I'm so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring me"
  • Nelly feat. Tim McGraw Tilt Ya Head Back - Christina Aguilera
    "Yeah, that's tight (uh) Check it, drop the drum right (hmmm..yeah) Put some horns in it..woo! (that's right) Do it again (yeah yeah, ha oooh oooh alright, ha) Give her what she want, give her what she"
  • Nelly Tilt Ya Head Back - Christina Aguilera
    "Yeah, that's tight (uh) Check it, drop the drum right (hmmm..yeah) Put some horns in it..woo! (that's right) Do it again (yeah yeah, ha oooh oooh alright, ha) Give her what she want, give her what she"
  • Nelly Tilt Ya Head Back Ft. Christina Aguilera
    "Nelly: Somebody give me a bass line... yeah that's tight...check... drop the drums right here... i think we missing something though. Christina: mmmmm yeah yeah Nelly: put some horns right here Christina:"
  • Cee-Lo Green Baby, It’s Cold Outside (ft. Christina Aguilera)
    "I really can’t stay – But baby it’s cold outside I’ve got to go away – But baby it’s cold outside This evening has been – Been hoping that you’d drop in So very nice – I’ll hold your hands, they’re just"
  • Lady GaGa Do What U Want (ft. Christina Aguilera)
    "I feel good, I walk along But then I trip upon myself and I fall, I I stand up, and then I’m OK But then you print that shit That makes me want to scream So do what you want What you want with my body Do"
  • Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (Cd Quality)
    "Ah, dirrty, filthy Nasty, you nasty Too dirrty to clean my act up If you ain't dirrty You ain't here to party Ladies move, gentlemen move Somebody ring the alarm A fire on the roof Ring the alarm and I'm"
  • Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within
    "Young girl don't cry I'll be right here when your world starts to fall, ooh Young girl it's alright Your tears will dry, you'll soon be free to fly, ooh When you're safe inside your room you tend to dream Of"
  • Christina Aguilera 10 Christina Aguilera - I'm Ok
    "Once upon a time there was a girl In her early years she had to learn How to grow up living in a war that she called home Never know just where to turn for shelter from the storm Hurt me to see the pain"
  • Christina Milian Say I - Christina Milian,
    "This is...this is...this is... hot You like this You are now witnessing The fliest shit in the world I can't think of nothing else to say Christina Milian Cool and Dre (Christina Milian) I got the urge"
  • Notarthomas Jamie Christina
    "---------------- From out of the past you still know who I am I'm the same child trapped in this mask of a man My music has not let me down I'm still holding on We can't be together, no not in this world You"
  • Christina Aguilera Can't Hold Us Down Feat: Lil Kim
    "So, what am I not supposed to have an opinion? Should I keep quiet just because I'm a woman? Call me a bitch 'cause I speak what's on my mind Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled When"
  • Patty Griffin Christina
    "If you had the real thing how would you tellLiars can say it all just as wellEvery single word you've heard in vainBaubles of gold, stars in your hairReflections that told that they were not thereAnd the"
  • Keith Murray Christina
    "I'm always getting shitted on son, ain't gonna be no, no different Can you accept me as I am? I ask you Always, the love lords? I need you Can you open your heart to mine and accept me and all my faults During"
  • Christina Aguilera Fighter By Christina
    "After all you put me through You'd think I'd despise you But in the end I want to thank you Because you made me that much stronger When I, thought I knew you Thinking, that you were true I guess I, I couldn't"
  • Pitbull Feel This Moment (Ft. Christina Aguilera)
    "(Pitbull:) Mr. Worldwide Christina Aguilera Oye Mamita (Christina Aguilera:) Feel This Moment (Pitbull:) Reporting live, from the tallest building in Tokyo! .. 305 all day Now baby we can party .. She"
  • Christina Aguilera Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Ricky Martin with Christina Aguilera) (Keeps Gettin' Better)
    "Ricky: Why, why, why Christina: Oh ooh ohh Ricky: There you are, in a darkened room And you're all alone, looking out the window Your heart is cold and lost the will to love Like a broken arrow Here"
  • Aguilera Christina CaR wAsH feat. MiSsY eLliOtT
    "Aguilera Christina Miscellaneous CaR wAsH feat. MiSsY eLliOtT Yo small tuna fish i'm one big catch! This is... a ShArK TaLe Here we go again! Uh, uh... Say what? Say what? (Yeah-ee-yeah) Oooh, do"
  • Lil Wayne Start a Fire (feat. Christina Milian)
    "Mama I'm in love with a hot girl, and they just don't get it They just don't get it Temperature's risin', her body yearnin', yeah we on that R. Kelly And then she tell me Let's start a fire, you'll be"

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