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Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera)

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Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera)

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Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera)
  • A Great Big World Say Something (feat. Christina Aguilera)
    "Say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one, if you want me to. Anywhere, I would've followed you. Say something, I'm giving up on you. And I am feeling so small. It was over my head I know nothing"
  • Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
    "Don't look at me Every day is so wonderful Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe Now and then, I get insecure From all the pain, I'm so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring me"
  • Something For Kate Say Something
    "tonight is like space invaders there is nothing at work the faces have become like traffic multi-purpose conversation i stand like a lighthouse i have become a lighthouse but if we met we would exhaust"
  • Nelly feat. Tim McGraw Tilt Ya Head Back - Christina Aguilera
    "Yeah, that's tight (uh) Check it, drop the drum right (hmmm..yeah) Put some horns in it..woo! (that's right) Do it again (yeah yeah, ha oooh oooh alright, ha) Give her what she want, give her what she"
  • Beth Hart Say Something
    "20 days, and 20 nights Just the silence, and the neon lights Hungry for, the sight of you Yeah I'm starving, in this empty room Who is she, what's her name? Yeah talk to me, say something (Chorus 1) I"
  • Haven Say Something
    "I won't say anything cos I don't mean it won't make a promise cos I won't keep it believe me now, I'd only lie to you well I've said that thought a thousand times I believe in something that I can't find so"
  • Mariah Carey Say something
    "I am over here Looking at you You are over there Watching me too Both painting pictures of Of how we'll kiss and hug So what you wanna do (So what you gon' do, what you gon' do) Tell me why we're standing"
  • Sofa Surfers Say Something
    "Original boy Feet of clay, head in the dirt Looking around for the way But the signs have all changed And its hurting inside Your mind's not your own But its you in the fire And its you you on the line And"
  • Heather Nova Say Something
    "Say something, let it fly Darkness is here and so am I Say something, I don't care Just let the words spill everywhere And I'll just lie awake and watch the stars There is no one can take this night of"
  • Ellis Paul Say Something
    "Carrie's a cold one, colder than the winter sun I should warn you, you better dress for it And I'm not the only one that thinks so Beauty is skin deep, and yes, she is thick-skinned But what's that"
  • Frankie J Say Something
    "I was coming out my front door. When I looked to my left and seen The flyest chick I swear I'd ever seen before. She must be something special. I'd never seen nobody like her ever. Everything about this"
  • Talib Kweli Say Something
    "Intro: The year is 1975 (yeah, hahaha!) Brooklyn, New York City (stand up) A child destined for greatness is born (we goin' in) Let's go! Get your hands in the air (get em up!) Put your hands in the air"
  • Perry Farrell Say Something
    "I like to dance in crowds I like to make love out loud I always keep a fire burning And friends help fill things out When you're someone who meets someone? Like the shade Meets the shadow Like a man"
  • Christina Milian Say I - Christina Milian,
    "This is...this is...this is... hot You like this You are now witnessing The fliest shit in the world I can't think of nothing else to say Christina Milian Cool and Dre (Christina Milian) I got the urge"
  • Christina Aguilera Can't Hold Us Down Feat: Lil Kim
    "So, what am I not supposed to have an opinion? Should I keep quiet just because I'm a woman? Call me a bitch 'cause I speak what's on my mind Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled When"
  • Nelly Tilt Ya Head Back - Christina Aguilera
    "Yeah, that's tight (uh) Check it, drop the drum right (hmmm..yeah) Put some horns in it..woo! (that's right) Do it again (yeah yeah, ha oooh oooh alright, ha) Give her what she want, give her what she"
  • Nelly Tilt Ya Head Back Ft. Christina Aguilera
    "Nelly: Somebody give me a bass line... yeah that's tight...check... drop the drums right here... i think we missing something though. Christina: mmmmm yeah yeah Nelly: put some horns right here Christina:"
  • Cee-Lo Green Baby, It’s Cold Outside (ft. Christina Aguilera)
    "I really can’t stay – But baby it’s cold outside I’ve got to go away – But baby it’s cold outside This evening has been – Been hoping that you’d drop in So very nice – I’ll hold your hands, they’re just"
  • Lady GaGa Do What U Want (ft. Christina Aguilera)
    "I feel good, I walk along But then I trip upon myself and I fall, I I stand up, and then I’m OK But then you print that shit That makes me want to scream So do what you want What you want with my body Do"
  • Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz Something
    "Quand tu Quand tu me prends dans tes bras Quand je regarde dans tes yeux Je vois qu'un Dieu existe Ce n'est pas dur d'y croire Before I met you I wasn't terribly lucky Every Prince Charming lost charm"

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