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Wildest Moments t%C5%82umaczenie pl

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Wildest Moments t%C5%82umaczenie pl
  • Jessie Ware Wildest Moments
    "You and I look like We come together every time Do wrongs, no rights We lose ourselves tonight From the outside, from the outside Everyone must be wondering why we try Why do we try Maybe in our wildest"
  • Jessie Ware Wildest Moments (ft. A$AP Rocky)
    "Wrote a song for your love and it go like this ‘Til we gone with the wind, man, we blow like fish ‘Cause we glow like sticks Words don’t like fists If your love is a seed watch it grow like kids You and"
  • Perry Como Magic moments
    "Whistling . . . Magic, moments, When two hearts are carin', Magic, moments, Memories we've been sharin' . . . I?ll never forget the moment we kissed, The night of the hayride, The way that we hugged to"
  • Rookie Of The Year Shoebox Moments
    "rainy night in out small town. there's another rip in the snare again. backyard playing t-ball, that's where it all began. pictures good times. the kids have grown up way to fast. letters from each other. relationships"
  • L'skadrille Bons Moments
    "(feat. Sniper) Ya aussi des bons moments dans la t-ci sniper , l'Skadrille (sniper , l'Skadrille ) [16 Ar ] J'me sens dans mon lment, Car en vrai on gole-ri plus qu'on pleure La t-ci c'est hami"
  • The Other Ones Moments
    "No one knows the reason It simply isn't said No one knows the season What thoughts are in your head I'm telling you almost every night (It's the moment) (calling) But does it show when we are walking"
  • Emerson Drive Moments
    "(Annie Tate/Sam Tate/Dave Berg) I was coming to the end of a long, long walk When a man crawled out of a cardboard box Under the E. Street Bridge Followed me on to it I went out halfway across With that"
  • Jean-Louis Aubert Moments
    "Eh, viens, par ici, Une question que je me pose, Pourquoi le temps semble faire une pause Regarde, regarde, sens C'est a la vie C'est beau la terre Regarde, regarde, fleur ternelle C'est a la vie C'est"
  • The Kinks Moments
    "Come on love Let's forget about all the things that we've done wrong Just remember all of the things that we've done right I'm in no mood to argue and I'm in no mood to fight So let the tears pass"
  • Red House Painters Moments
    "gently in these ragged folds curled up and warm like easter's child a breath so faint, angelic weight i can't deny that i drift sometimes even in these loving moments to summery fields i call my own where"
  • Westlife Moments
    "If i die tonight, I'd go with no regrets, If it's in your arms, I know that i was blessed, And if your eyes, are the last thing that i see, Then i know the beauty heaven holds for me, But if i make it"
  • The Juliana Theory Moments...
    "You'll bruise their hearts, child. You'll live their lives? You'll fill their shoes, child? You'll still be right? You'll speak your words, child. You're still nieve. You'll tell your lies, child. They'll"
  • Juliana Theory Moments
    "You'll bruise their hearts, child. You'll live their lives? You'll fill their shoes, child? You'll still be right? You'll speak your words, child. You're still nieve. You'll tell your lies, child. They'll"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Moments
    "Kokoro ga kogatsuite yakeru nioi ga shita sore wa yume no owari subete no hajimari datta Akogareteta mono wa utsukushiku omoete te ga todokanai kara kagayaki o mashita no darou Kimi no kudake chitta yume"
  • Sleepless Moments
    "One second and I turn away My shadow's gone and it turns to day One moment and I go and pray The light turns off and I sleep away Did I ever believe you? Did I ever forgive? Did I ever obey? Did I every"
  • Elenium Moments
    "Dead man walking Dead man on his way Dead man talking And breathing in the day Sometimes a gun in his mouth Sometimes happy with a doubt Never slowing down But not so sure It's always todays turn to"
  • One Direction Moments
    "Liam : Shut the door Turn the light off I wanna be with you I wanna feel your love I wanna lay beside you I can not hide this even though I try Heart beats harder Time escapes me Trembling hands touch"
  • Małgosia Jamroży & Otar Saraidze Moments
    "(Teledysk Open Finance) There's no me without you here around Following our unknown dreams closely Where are this door which leads through walls We don't know no more So we'll close eyes and fantasize about"
  • Sons Southern Wildest Love
    "It's just talk Small conversation, but it's talk But it's no consolation I go out of my head Thinking of your smile It's a touch Though I know that there hasn't been too much But my mind start to wander I'll"
  • Dolly Parton Wildest Dreams
    "(Dolly Parton/Mac Davis) Let's drink a toast to what might have been To all that we were, but can't be again And let's just be thankful we parted as friends Here's to the past, let the future begin Oh,"

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