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don't be shy, take my hand and let's fly

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don't be shy, take my hand and let's fly

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don't be shy, take my hand and let's fly
  • Status Quo Shy Fly
    "(Rossi/Young) Come let me take you, said tiger to the fly You'll never make me, said fly, I'm rather shy I'm gonna get you, said tiger with a glare His eyes were a shining, but fly she was aware Shy"
  • Prince Shy
    "After a month of just bein' alone he said, "I wonder what L.A.'s thinkin'" Streets he roamed in search of a poem amongst the wild and drinkin' When he sees cool dark skin in hot virgin white The search"
  • Louise Don't Be Shy
    "Written By: Plato/Nurding/Lowis I've been watching Shy I've been watching Shy I've been watching Shy I've been watching Shy I've been watching, aah I've been waiting, ohh Now I'm complaining Your the"
  • Shwayze Don't Be Shy
    "Come, come summertime Love, love hold my hand Come, come summertime Love, love take a ride with me Sweet little nectarine Sit down next to me Take a load off, Annie I think you're beautiful Do-ah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do When"
  • Belly Don't Be Shy
    "(Feat. Nina Sky) oooh boy, I know where you gonna be tonight, come a little bit closer touch me baby don't be shy, and you know I'm here too we can do those things you like come a little bit closer, touch"
  • E-Rotic Shy
    "I can see a purple moon behind the maple trees And I'm feeling so alone - I'm lost in fantasies You just told my hand But I want so much more of you Oh I wanna taste your lips to prove your love is true"
  • Birgit Shy
    "Oh oh i got that feeling again Ever since i first laid eyes on him Now my head's up in the clouds My feet don't touch the ground When he's around And he doesn't even know it just I'm a little bit shy this"
  • Sonata Arctica Shy
    "I can see how you are beautiful Can you feel my eyes on you I'm shy and turn my head away Working late in diner Citylight I see that you get home alright Make sure that you can't see me Hoping you will"
  • Peter Murphy Shy
    "One day you will be the one to say I'm sick of empty fun It means if your faith is strong it means you are no longer astray... See I see all the light It comes straight from the sun And I want to get near"
  • Ani DiFranco Shy
    "the heat is so great it plays tricks with the eye it turns the road to water and then from water to sky and there's a crack in the concrete floor and it starts at the sink there's a bathroom in a gas station and"
  • David Banner Fly
    "I know somebody fly who wants to come by and take off all her clothes and freak me for free.And I know somebody fly who loves to come by take off all her clothes and freak me for free.I know the truth"
  • Eddy Shy
    "Ive lived my life like a one way ticket Not knowin where Im bound About killed myself just to prove I was alive Then all of a sudden with a whole lot of lovin You turned my world around So dont worry if"
  • Demether Shy
    "Since waters high my eyes are dry And I dont long for anything My second-hand soul crashed the wall Lying around in pieces My nights are long and Im scared of the crimson dawn Sailing on the sea of lies Without"
  • Elan Shy
    "If you're going into the city Can I follow behind And if you think it's all so pretty I might just lose my mind 'Cause it's been raining all the time Yeah, it's been raining all the time And I might not"
  • Epperley Shy
    "I don't say much but I, but I like to sing Won't tell you what I'm thinking Just have to wait and sing I have no skin left on my, on my fingertips But still my heart pours out, out from my lips Well I'm"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan Shy
    "Oh, every time I pass you I'mInclined to look awayI don't know why, but some dayI will turn my head and sayExcuse me miss, but this glove isIt the one that you've just droppedAnd you'll reply by saying"
  • Simple Plan Take My Hand
    "Sometimes I feel like everybody's got a problem Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them I know that people say we're never gonna make it But I know we're gonna get through this Close your eyes"
  • The Cab Take my hand
    "Calm your nerves now Don't worry, just breathe Are you sure now?/ Don't bother packing, let's just leave Said they wanted change Down to this place that I know To show that this is not a game Let's end"
  • Hey Monday ft. The Cab Take My Hand
    "Calm your nerves now And don't worry, just breathe Are you sure now? Don't bother packing Let's just leave (All of them said) They wanted change I hope that you remain the same To show that this is not"
  • Marc Bolan Shy Boy
    "I don't want to be no shy boy The one that always cries boy And never gets his girl Don't you understand that I've got to have that girl boy To be my pride and joy boy To hold her hand In this magic"

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