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don't be shy, take my hand and let's fly

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don't be shy, take my hand and let's fly

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don't be shy, take my hand and let's fly
  • Louise Don't Be Shy
    " how So don't be shy And stand your ground I've"
  • Prince Shy
    " search was over at least 4 2night When she co-signed and then told him she was ... Shy - Cool dark skin in hot virgin white Shy"
  • Shwayze Don't Be Shy
    " summertime Love, love take a ride with me Don-don-don-do-don-don-do-don-don Don't be shy All"
  • Birgit Shy
    "Oh oh i got that feeling again Ever since i first laid eyes on him Now my head's up in the clouds My feet don't"
  • Sonata Arctica Shy
    "I can see how you are beautiful Can you feel my eyes on you I'm shy and turn my"
  • Elan Shy
    " not know how to find My way back home And if you're feeling sorta' weary Let me change your troubled mind And"
  • Belly Don't Be Shy
    "(Feat. Nina Sky) oooh boy, I know where you gonna be tonight, come a little bit closer touch me baby don't be"
  • Selina Herrero Don't Be Shy
    " you have to cry Just don't be shy, baby don't be"
  • Ani DiFranco Shy
    " scares me awake i put too much on my table and now i got too much a stake and"
  • Status Quo Shy Fly
    "(Rossi/Young) Come let me take you, said tiger to the fly You'll never make me, said fly, I'm rather
  • Olly Murs Hand on Heart
    ", The Break, And so the cycle goes, We're doing well, We've been through hell, And only heaven knows, How far we get too, Thank god I met you"
  • David Banner Fly
    " and freak me for free.And I know somebody fly who loves to come by take off"
  • Eddy Shy
    " if Im ever gonna walk the line Yeah Ill be true, but baby I cant lie Ive been known to get a little rowdy And crazy when I can I can get a"
  • Ruff Michael Be So Shy
    " shy be so shy why must you be so shy be"
  • Peter Murphy Shy
    " comes straight from the sun And I want to get near so I can be clear Don't get shy,"
  • The Libertines Don't Be Shy
    "Don't be shy Don't be shy For"
  • Bad Boys Blue Don't be so shy
    " your heart and love will shine through.Ive just got to get in touch with you. I dont know what to do.I think about it everyday now.Dont be"
  • Epperley Shy
    "I don't say much but I, but I like to sing Won't tell you what I'm thinking Just have to wait and sing I have no skin left on my,"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan Shy
    "Oh, every time I pass you I'mInclined to look awayI don't know why, but some dayI will turn my head and sayExcuse"
  • Libertines Don't be shy
    "Don't be shyDon't be shyFor if you are shy for"

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