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dump ways to die

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dump ways to die

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dump ways to die
  • Mobb Deep Dump
    "(feat. Nate Dogg) Yeah.. c'mon man (Nate) Dump dump dump You know this shit is ours man This is our field man (Nate) Dump dump dump Y'all niggaz need to just leave this shit to us (Nate) Dump dump dump Corny-ass"
  • Osdorp Posse Dump Die Junk
    "Hier is een raadsel, het is vaak een dief of straatdel, het heeft een hoofd met zaagsel en kleren met braaksel. Geen kies meer om te kauwen, je kan ze niet vertrouwen en je kan niet om ze rouwen"
  • Nerf Herder 5000 Ways To Die
    "There must be 5000 ways to die, and each one ends the same way if you try. Your friends all stand around while they dump you in the ground and the people who loved you will ask "Why?" Oh why? Oh why? Oh"
  • Urge Overkill Dump Dump Dump
    "I need a shot and a beer You wanna buy me some You know I had to hit the bar today Since I met the new woman - that's right I need another like a hole in the head I need a place to go 'Cause I'll be burnin'"
  • Tangerine Kitty Dumb Ways to Die
    "Set fire to your hair Poke a stick at a grizzly bear Eat medicines that’s out of date Use your private parts as piranha bait Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die Get your toast out with a fork Do"
  • Megadeth 99 Ways To Die
    "If I see the morning hours I'll have one more yesterday Take life from tomorrow Cause I've burned out my today If I get up to the top I know I'll just go back downhill Gotta' terminal future And it's"
  • Master P 99 Ways To Die
    "H to the motherfuckin' K A Richmond ass nigga residin' in the Bay Still slangin' cola out the motherfuckin' palm trees TRU to the game and gone off that Dank weed Shoot a nigga up in the middle of the"
  • Wehrmacht Crazy Ways People Die
    "Walking through the woods, a bear it munches you. Put your head in a vice, go drilling for the goo. Fall one hundred thousand fest, go splat in the middle of town. Your head lops off from a chain- saw"
  • Funkmaster Flex Six Million Ways To Die
    "(feat. Nine, Tragedy) Pop goes the gat, I get over like a fat rat Funkmaster Flex and 9 Double M, mad fat Skills on the table and the mic With that (six million ways to die) flavor all night Clean up"
  • Dashboard Confessional Several Ways To Die Trying
    "Pacific Sun, you should have warned us, it gets so cold here. And the night can freeze, before you set it on fire. And our flares go unnoticed. Dimminished, faded just as soon as they are fired. We are,"
  • Lock Up Slaughterous Ways
    "Benumb the masses Detached from the world within Degeneration The serpent's shedding skin - Slaughterous ways A reptile - devoid of soul I am the serpents eyes Suicidal species We deserve the die Slaughterous"
  • Sigh Severed Ways
    "Prey on the helpless Punish those different Make them regret Their own existence Cannabalistic urge Consummate the dead Inferior way of life The massacre spreads Lover and victim One and the same Unholy"
  • Booth And The Bad Angel Old Ways
    "Somedays I fly like a bird Everything flows and love is a verb Nothing is static the breach is birthed By these old ways Somedays I fall from the sky Shoot myself down when I fly so high Trash my acheivements Wish"
  • Madvillain Strange Ways
    "Cut: (They stay... Strange ways) (MF Doom) Wreak havoc, beep beep it's mad traffic Sleek and lavish people speaking leaking to the maverick He see as just another felony drug arrest Any day could be the"
  • Lagwagon Jaded Ways
    "I used to be a trustworthy guy I could have bend down my friend But no one seems to care Life, it's all just filthy air, right? But do they giving you anything? When there is nothing give But your people"
  • Esham 13 Ways
    ""Today boys and girls we have a special speaker in the house tonight And he's gonna teach you about life and death" I was born a God damn failure Dropped outta school at mitalia Found me a nickel and lost"
  • Righteous Pigs Ruinous Dump
    "Desolate planet planet revealed Is inhabitance concealed? All seems to be unused Left abandoned and abused Tragedy that lied dormant Piece a puzzle left of fragments Imagine destructive havoc Illusion"
  • Static-X Love dump
    "Hand me a line Really hand me a line Really hand me a line Hand me a line Really hand it to me I've always loved you Love dumpling Your shit's like chocolate cake and Your ass smells like a rose Oh really"
  • Static X Love Dump
    "hand me a line really hand me a line really hand me a line hand me a line really hand it to me i've always loved you love dumpling your shit's like chocolate cake and your ass smells like a rose i really"
  • Morten Harket There Are Many Ways To Die
    "Night across the harbour Nightlight in the sky I hear the sound of water Boats are drifting by I've been waiting here for centuries I've lost my sense of time My love, you should have warned me There are"

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