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dump ways to die

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dump ways to die

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dump ways to die
  • Mobb Deep Dump
    " (Chorus: Nate Dogg) Many men try to set me up to watch me die Tie me up and put me in the trunk then wave"
  • Urge Overkill Dump Dump Dump
    "I need a shot and a beer You wanna buy me some You know I had to hit the bar today Since I met the new woman - that's right I need another like a hole in the head I need"
  • Righteous Pigs Ruinous Dump
    "Desolate planet planet revealed Is inhabitance concealed? All seems to be unused Left abandoned and abused Tragedy that lied dormant Piece a puzzle left of fragments Imagine"
  • Static-X Love dump
    "Hand me a line Really hand me a line Really hand me a line Hand me a line Really hand it to me I've always loved you Love dumpling"
  • Static X Love Dump
    "hand me a line really hand me a line really hand me a line hand me a line really hand it to me i've always loved you love dumpling your"
  • Nerf Herder 5000 Ways To Die
    "There must be 5000 ways to die, and each one ends the same way if you try. Your friends all stand around while"
  • Dolly Parton Dump the dude
    " attitude He always leaves you in a cryin' mood Take my advice, don't you think twice Listen to what I'm telling you Go on and dump"
  • E-40 Dump, Bust, Blast
    ", Bust, Blast, Dump, Bust, Dump, Bust, (BEOTCH!) Blast Slurp slip, deep throat shit I'm outta sight I like to"
  • Soundgarden Big dump sex
    "Don't you don't you want to thrill me Don't you be afraid to tell me Tell me if you think it's ugly But now don't you want to"
  • Static-X Love Dump (demo)
    "Hand me a line Really hand me a line Really hand me a line Hand me a line Really hand it to me I always loved you Love dumpling"
  • Army Of The Pharaohs Dump The Clip
    "It is said that once an entire army marched against him, A real army. 1,2,1,2 Pharaoh shit nigga Yo, I live life according to the Low End Theory, A champion the trophy"
  • Frank Duval Ways
    "Ways - cold dirty streets empty eyes. Ways - lost dreams and no chance to rise. Ways"
  • Samael Ways
    "How long is a life how many ways can you try on How long is your life how many ways did you try on don't need to"
  • Alphaville Ways
    " on a cloud I'm talking to you soon There's so much left to say On a crystal winter's day... And the snowflakes outside show a million
  • Lock Up Slaughterous Ways
    "Benumb the masses Detached from the world within Degeneration The serpent's shedding skin - Slaughterous ways A reptile - devoid of soul I am the serpents eyes Suicidal"
  • Thunderstone 10.000 Ways
    "... there are 10000 ways to die With honour and pride, heart open wide We all want to"
  • Sigh Severed Ways
    " Unholy ritual Severed ways Human waste displayed Sickness wells up inside Trying to kill a part of yourself While the innocent die When"
  • Popsie Dump The Zero (Get A Hero)
    " playing with him I assure you, you're not the only one No one is perfect, neither is he But it's time to move on and face reality (Chorus) Dump"
  • Megadeth 99 Ways To Die
    "If I see the morning hours I'll have one more yesterday Take life from tomorrow Cause I've burned out my today If I get up to the top I know I'll just go back downhill Gotta'"
  • Booth And The Bad Angel Old Ways
    " acheivements Wish I could die To these old ways Wash away your past with warm tears Let them fall from your"

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