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go%C5%82e baby

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go%C5%82e baby
  • Bullshit Baby Bullshit Baby
    "Look at this from my point of view, Try to try hard though it's tough for you Concentrate on all of the depth, There is much, you see, won't do with restraint What's the point in searchin' for Forced applause,"
  • Baby Boy Baby Boy
    "From the day that I saw you I knew that we would pursue Cause the chemistry we felt that day Felt so real, and so true Looking back on a year we spent together How it's been, what we went through Although"
  • Magno Baby
    "(*Ashanti*) I don't remember feeling like this.. (Magno) It's Magnificent, the baby faced thug that you love We cuddle and hug, I love it when I plug in your glove You screaming my name, with each stroke"
  • Shelby Lynne Baby
    "Baby, baby What you got on your mind You're in a hurry Baby, baby This ain't nothing new The world is turning Baby, baby Let's just let it slide We got time Baby, oh baby I'm your baby And baby You"
  • Serj Tankian Baby
    "You came to me within a dream Not everyone is who they seem All these words we cant redeem Like the great magic of our world Corroborated by your words Splitting planets into thirds Baby oh baby Baby"
  • Prince Baby
    "Baby, what are we gonna do? I'm so in love with you (doo-wah) Baby, what are we gonna do? I know you're in love with me to (doo-wah) Should we go on living together? Or should we get married right away? Whatever"
  • Dottie West Baby
    "Baby sweet sweet baby my world's so cold and empty since you've gone Baby sweet sweet baby without you I don't know how I'll go on I've got that lonesome feeling deep inside of me And it just keeps right"
  • The Roots Baby
    "Slow down when you're hitting them corners Fuck around, spill this 'gnac on my two hundred dollar suit (stop being a backseat driver man) (turn him up) Your ma don't like to jitterbug, said this unholy"
  • Akcent Baby
    "Yeah,yeah I say ice ice baby to go,to go (4x) I. I'm feeling so sexy Shining on top of the world You're giving me pleasure I'm so high I'm gonna explode I say ice ice baby to go,to go (4X) II. If you're"
  • Bebel Gilberto Baby
    "You know, you must take a look at the new land The swimming pool and the teeth of your friend The dirt in my hand You know, you must take a look at me Baby, baby I know that's the way You know, you must"
  • Lloyd Cole Baby
    "wasting my time a shadow on the riverbank watching my reflection go to sea wind in my hair i could be most anywhere but i do not care to know not where i stand baby, i`ve been lost without you since"
  • Simple Plan Baby
    "One day I woke up, realized that im not who I was anymore. Then the next day I woke up, and found myself back then. Chorus: Why, oh why baby do you have to do this to me? Why, oh why baby does this always"
  • Pizzicato Five Baby
    "(tei/nomiya) Translator: andrei cunha Anata ga Watashi dake no Baby nara Ii no ni Anata wa Itsumo Watashi wo Baby baby Watashi no Namae wo yonde Dakishimete Hoshii no ni Kizuitemo Kurenai no Baby Hold"
  • Ginuwine Baby
    "I used play alotta silly games. You felt the same. We act like it's okay. The things you shouldn't say. They thrown away. Really you should have saved them. And now that I'm changing. I'm just movin on. You"
  • Anita Baker Baby
    "This heart of mine seldom lies you see It's often said you don't care for me no more. You took so long, how could you lead me on Left me wondering where and how we went wrong. Chorus Come on baby make"
  • Halo James Baby
    "Pretending that you were faithful to me Knowing that your heart's with someone else Living with a hope was just my dream I was sleeping in your shadow Now you can see it clearly in the light Knowing there's"
  • Gotye Baby
    "Live from day to the next day Try to satisfy the cravings before they Consume you Colours are brighter The world can excite you When you're under its spell You can tell All too well That without it life"
  • Hissyfits Baby
    "Baby, I've got a piece of you inside of me It's growing bigger every breath I take And I start to shake cause you're inside of me Darlin', think I'm in trouble now that I've let you in And I don't know"
  • Jay Delano Baby
    "When I looke into your eyes, you've got me feenin' Girl I almost loose my mind, baby I can not deny no... Thw way you make me feel deep down inside Why don't we just spread our wings and fly, far away"
  • Eric Lee Baby
    "I love you, I won't ever let you go I have always dreamed of me and you Because I love you so So perfect in every way, it feels like a fantasy But you're real in every way No one can take the place of"

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