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monster high po polsku

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monster high po polsku
  • Ewa Farna Monster High
    " Zabójczo śliczna (śliczna) Fantastyczna (fantastyczna) Wszystkiego masz dość Życie daje ci w kość Lecz jesteś sobą (jesteś sobą) Czas upiorów trwa… Monster, Monster"
  • Artillery Monster
    " Watch him intoxicated by his victims' fear He is about to deliver his attack But inside his head it's dark Just remember this Everyone is a mother's son Monster, the
  • Flotsam And Jetsam Monster
    " in every direction Shooting stars inside our heads Shooting before you see the whites of their eyes I bet you never thought you'd see me dead no I'm turning into a monster I'll"
  • Easy Listening Stu Monster
    "Oh, c'est la vie thats the way it is my friend nothing is for free the day that high school ends Life is a monster is this all in vain? Life"
  • MC Ren Monster
    "I'm Ready.... big villain real nigga number one motherfuck guns, my voice bust they run child of the sun, Compton we run when bitches get up and boogie, you niggaz grap one who the fuck tryin' to fuck"
  • L7 Monster
    "Come on over,is getting too late Is time to fish,no time to cut bait Foolish passion,you inspire With your kind of trouble, I'll never tire Monster... (monster"
  • Bonnie Pink Monster
    " decide whether you leave or not I created a monster I'm the one to blame I'm the one who's failed And it screams and cries for help like a fool I created a monster Lucky"
  • Full Devil Jacket Monster
    "I take this place Where do I belong in your life today? Make a little space Too much emotion to throw away You made a monster out of me Doubt fed emotion Colored gray"
  • Flashlight Brown Monster
    " have nothing left to say Living his life in the corner Mowing the lawn with a hammer Looking confused by our banter He didn't know what the hell he was supposed to say Monster"
  • Stemm Monster
    " myself I seek the days that escape me. I choke on the ones I'm left with the monster's building inside me. And I hate the way I feel. I pray THE wounds will heal. Before"
  • Disturbed Monster
    "End this suffering You made a monster of me Through all your wicked lies Forever tortured by you Abandoned at death's door Until I said no more Don't look away You're just"
  • Twiztid Monster
    " way outta boundsIt came in the dark where most were fast asleepMonsterCreeping, aching for blood Down bellow the streetsMonster If you get"
  • Tech N9ne Monster
    " grader Under bleachers Loosing data Smokin reefer Hostla migo, hostla laygo Santa Fe hoes After I pop, I stop and lay low Damn clown from kan town Many man found Theres a monster"
  • Brian Jonestown Massacre Monster
    " than death as i drew my next breath did you think i'd survive uncommon expectations do arise i make peace with your monsters and their lies then i touched your lips and"
  • Killer Mike Monster
    "Peace will never tame the hatrid of me I'm too restricted, separated from your society.. I'm a new breed of species, a curse to lift that speak my name I'm different twisted, my mind is not the same For"
  • Plastilina Mosh Monster Truck
    "i'm so happy now i got the big fat tires in the devil machine my favorite monster truck i'm going to show you up you hot shots i can destroy all across my way i can even"
  • Abney Park Tiny Monster
    " Backs arch, he grabs her thigh Their reaching for there greatest high Just then the devil, plants his seed, feeding on his darkest need In the darkness, late at night The"
  • Fabolous Po Po
    " the corner what do I see? Po Po's followin me Askin for my ID whos car I'm driving Po Po's botherin me Got me in a lineup, got my hands in"
  • Kool Moe Dee Monster Crack
    "(Monster Crack) 1986 - return of the horror flicks More deadly than The Omen , a killer and a showman Like the devil in The Excorcist But this flick can cause a heart"
  • Hunter Greedy monster
    "Greedy monster might be asleep...There might be no reason for fear...Some say to be quiet and repress the riot...Once awake he might just...FOR YOU my Lord the greatest LOVE!FOR"

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