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  • Hidea Ira
    "Fly under the sun... Attimi in cui non sono qui, istanti indecifrabili, inutili. Conseguenzialmente perdi l'equilibrio, tu cos distante dal resto del delirio. Semplicemente l'attimo in cui sei distante"
  • Roger Waters Ca ira
    "Suivant la maxime de l'Evangile,Ah! a ira, a ira, a iraDu lgislateur tout s'accomplira.Celui qui s'lve on l'abaissera;Celui qui s'abaisse on"
  • Townes Van Zandt Ira Hayes
    "Ira Hayes, Ira Hayes CHORUS: Call him drunken Ira Hayes He won't answer anymore Not the whiskey drinkin' Indian Nor"
  • Ocean Ocean
    "I tak od kilku lat Z uporem ślepca Szedłem do miejsca Które nie ma nazwy gdzie nie był jeszcze nikt Tak bardzo chciałem być Tym pierwszym co nakreśli mapę nieba Odgadnie wszystko i ucieknie stąd I znalazłem"
  • Rahpsody Ira Tenax
    "Male sit tibi tenebrarum rex ab initio ad finem sacra ultio cruenta pugna et epicus furor contra mali discipulos Ad perpetuam gloriam lucis furor ira tenax contra iniuriam"
  • Rotting Christ Ira incensus
    "Let the silence talk Let my life walk The path of despair Confess your sins if you dare I play with fear Guilt is coming near Challenge me But don't judge me The tree of my pride Has grown up so wild I'm"
  • Zaz On ira
    "On ira écouter Harlem au coin de Manhattan On ira rougir le thé dans les souks à Amman On ira nager dans le"
  • Alejandro Sanz Me ira
    "Cuentame otra vez como iva aquella melodiaQue hablaba de nosotros dosLa escribio y que invento el adiosCuentame otra vezSi no es el mismo el sol de ayer el que se esconde hoyPara ti para mi para nadie"
  • Natalia Oreiro Donte ira
    "Lo vi salir de un callejón Yo nunca vi alguien as Y ahogando penas de amor Ni lo pense y lo segu Haba algo en su andar Como de saber vivir Giró y noto mi mirar Y comenzó a sonreir Me tomó del brazo con"
  • Edith Piaf Le "Ca Ira"
    "Ah! a ira! a ira! a ira! Les aristocrates la lanterne Ah! a ira! a ira!"
  • Skrewdriver Smash The I.R.A.
    "! The IRA! Smash! Smash! The IRA! Smash! Smash! The IRA! Remember the victims of their bombs Gotta change our"
  • Emma Shapplin Ira di dio
    " sconsolato,Re del ciel immortal'Verresti a me Signor,Verresti...Ira di DioDi pensier in pensierGuida in audio 'L amor, 'l amor...Nebbia d'oblioOr, al mio parer,Solo, m'affidoIo"
  • Shapplin Emma Ira Di Dio
    ", non scuso, ma, Signor, come sai tuoi affani, Sa sapessi... 'L mio stato consolato, Re del ciel immortal' Verresti a me signor, Verresti... Ira di Dio Di pensier in pensier Guida"
  • Collide Ocean
    "Liquidized emotion water takes you in deep within the ocean i could sleep for days hours only minutes thoughts of imagery lure you from your spectrum solve your misconceptions"
  • Darren Hayes Ocean
    " dangerous the way I can't move onlost and emotionOnly an ocean could knowThe weight of the world on my shouldersThinking of you, my loveI wish I could drown out emotionUntil"
  • Testeagles Ocean
    " water washes away the pain I feel my feet in the sand and I don't even know my wealth I'm feeling all right I think I'll go and emerge myself Feel the ocean wrapped around"
  • Bonnie Pink Ocean
    " arms All the secrets are revealed When I hold you in my arms It's warm 'n' cold like the ocean shio no nagare o niramu Surfer naze ni hito wa mucha o suru no like you have"
  • The Velvet Underground Ocean
    "Here comes the ocean And the waves down by the sea Here comes the ocean And the waves where have they been Silver and black lit night, here's"
  • Cerys Matthews Ocean
    "Two ships passing in the night Drop an anchor for a while We'll share some company We're the same you and me It's in the air that we breathe And there's no shame Wide is the ocean Sweet"
  • Ten Shekel Shirt Ocean
    "Lately, I've been thinkin' about You And lately, I've been dreaming of You And lately, I can't get You out of my head Get You out of my head chorus Something about the ocean Makes"

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