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posprz%C4%85tajmy %C5%9Bwiat
  • Raimundos Deixei De Fumar/Cana Caiana
    "Refro 1: G5 C5 Eu só fumo no cachimbo da mulher G5 Fumo no cachimbo da mulher C5 Fumar cigarro nunca mais eu me acostumo, todo dia D5 G5 Eu fumo no cachimbo da mulher Repete Refro 1 A5 B5 C5 G5 Minha"
  • Mis Teeq You're gonna stay
    "So you're coming to my house OK (So) Tell me if you're gonna stay If you feel you can resist my ways (So) Say what you got to say Let's be forward as we cut the chase Tonight we go all the way Do you want"
  • Leila Pinheiro Luz Do Ar
    "Am7/9 G#5-(9/13-) Fechar os olhos Am7/11 F7+/9 Bb6/9 e deixar que a luz do ar invada... Dm7/11/A E7/13-/B E7/B Mergulhar na sensao, Bb6/9 Dm7/11/A C5+/Bb E7(5+/9-)"
  • Baden Powell
    "Intro: F6/9 C7/9 F7+ F6 Bm5-/7 E7 Am7/9 Am7 , como eu falei no ia durar Cm7 C#7 G7/9 Eu bem que avisei, pois , vai desmoronar A#7+ Hoje"
  • The Georgia Satellites Battleship Chains
    "(learn C5 and G5 and you can play the entire song) You got me tied down with battleship chains fifty foot long and a two ton anchor tied down with battleship chains fifty foot long with a two ton anchor I"
  • Kut U Up Destination
    "Lend my ears, destination A lonely conversation Am the truth, live a lie A normal guy Yesterday Waste away Tommorow comes the monster, the monster how do you split $450 3- ways? The footprints, the footprints How"
  • Miles Kane Better Than That
    "When Mr. Brown said he felt good I tell you it's no lie I feel better than that (I feel better than that) When Johnny & The Silver Beatles Had your volume high I feel better than that Maybe it's the"
  • Nara Le?o Sabe Voc?
    "Intro: D7+, Em5-/7, Em7, Bb5-/7, A5+/7/9 Am4/7 G#5-/7 G7+ Voc muito mais que eu sou Am4/7 G#5-/7 G7+ Est bem mais rico do que eu estou "
  • Carlos Lyra Sabe Voc?
    "Intro: D7+, Em5-/7, Em7, Bb5-/7, A5+/7/9 Am4/7 G#5-/7 G7+ Voc muito mais que eu sou Am4/7 G#5-/7 G7+ Est bem mais rico do que eu estou "
  • Mis Teeq Roll on
    "MC: Yo,yo,Mis-Teeq - Here we goa with the one Blacksmith - aye,oh and away we go - You're gonna get your roll on - Here we go again all,all,all night long - (Roll on,yeah) - Enter,check,checkV1: It's been"
  • Armored Saint Terror
    "Many years of fighting For the cause Religion Seperates the law Loyal man bomb in his hand Proudly he stands Sacred plot Innocent shot Crazy patriots Terror This is war Terror Feel the sword Terror"
  • Flesh-N-Bone If You Could See
    "11 Layzie bone: 23 Now, i think playtime is over. 5 12 Flesh-n-bone: 25 Yeah, what's happenin? platinum? 5 11 Layzie bone: c Nuttin? 5 12 Flesh-n-bone: 23 Man, you know what's happenin? 5 11 Layzie"
  • Belo Aeroporto
    "Intro: | % | % | % | % | Gm6 | Bbm6 | F7+ | C7/4(9) |... F7+ Am7 Graas a Deus voc chegou, to ansioso te esperei Cm7/9 Cm79/F F#7 Gm7 Nesse"
  • Mis Teeq Better better
    "Intro: Make you feel V1: Do you ever get restless Don't you ever want to chase a thrill Well you'll find in the spring It's a natural thing - so very understandable That your eyes will stray And in an"
  • Kendrick Lamar The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)
    "Picture plenty pussies throwing pelly guns at me Paranoia making it more than difficult for me to sleep Pinnacle, I know I be, centerfold, I know I got But they hate to frame me as the Mona Lisa of Hip-Hop So"
  • Beto Guedes Meu Ninho
    "Intro: (C F/G C F/G )2 Vezes C Am7 Fiz a cama na varanda sob o manto das estrelas Dm7 A7 Fui deitar com meu amor Dm7 "
  • Tom Tom Club Sweet Satisfaction
    "Intro: oh, yeah C1: now our lovin' so good And - ooh! - sweet satisfaction And it's so deep and so real And it's - ooh! - sweet satisfaction V1: just let me hold ya - right there Keep it real - oh, right"
  • Amy Studt Ladder In My Tights
    "yer;yer;yer; shoobydoobydoo just one more word and i'm gonna explode i'm gonna self combust i'm gonna blow up the world with just one more look you're gonna cross the line i mean over the edge you're"
  • Mis Teeq B with me
    "What I want is for you, to B with me Loving you every day, would be easy What I know is that we, will never be But that doesn't stop me from wanting the dream of reality X 2 V1: I saw you this morning"
  • Raven-Symon Bounce
    "All I want ot do is make..you.....bounce! Feel the flow everyone came to see my show Love ot hear the people say, Rae go And I can keep you bouncing up for more Starting my left ot right, everybody lets"

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