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shana p - back to you

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shana p - back to you

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shana p - back to you
  • Takahashi Youko Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo (1st Shakugan no Shana ending)
    "Yoake umare kuru mono yo Kesshite miushinawanaide You are you shoujo yo ima koso Furihodoki tachiagare!! Mune no kizu wo kakushita mama kaze wo kiri susumu kimo wo Tada mimamoru sube nado nanimo nai Sono"
  • Kawada Mami Hisoku no Sora (1st Shakugan no Shana opening)
    "Soshite kono sora akaku somete mata kuru toki kono imi de susumu dake Sure tsukatte iku 'hito' mo magire nakushita 'mono' mo itsuka wa kieyuku toki Atsuku yuru ga su 'sou yo sa' hakanaku yureru 'you a"
  • Double You Going Back
    "I'm going back to that place I'm going back to that place I'm going back I'm going back I'm going back to that place Oh yes I know Oh yes I know Oh yes I know Oh yes I know... Did you know Did"
  • Ani DiFranco Back Back Back
    "Back, back, back in the back of your mind Are you learning an angry language? Tell me boy, boy, boy are you tending to your joy Or are you just letting it vanquish? Back, back, back in the dark of your"
  • Raised Fist Back
    "Anger all around the world Spreading these vibes that is making us whole again And I want to spit these lines right in your face Wreck this fucking place, make the people know that we're back BACK! Back"
  • Werd N Deeko Back
    "Deeko is coming up Werd and them came back With a new catalog for you to play back If you don't like us you can just lay back But face facts we coming to stay so take that Nineteen eighty seven two thousand"
  • Neal McCoy Back
    "Love I know that I did you bad and badder Must have been insane as an old mad hatter then But pride is a fairy tale sweet darlin' Lonely is a cold hard fact I don't want to know like without your kiss All"
  • Fifteen Back
    "So the rent increase has got you down, and you can't afford to live in your own home town Well I bet everybody's feeling the same way Say you're feeling disconnected from the ground, private properties"
  • Alpha Back
    "Opening poem by Sylvia Plath : But toward the region where Our thick atmosphere diminishes And God knows what is there A point of exclamation marks that sky In ringing orange Like a stellar carrot"
  • Linkin Park Back
    "Move Over Bacon There's Somethin MeatierA Natural Born Lover With Love to Give Free to YaMeatier, So All You Bacon Lovers Move OverCause I'm So Smooth They Should Call Me BlackanovaI'm Not Tryin to Say"
  • Lil' O Back Back
    "(Chorus) Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet Or I'ma grab the gat and hit a nigga with the heat Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet Don't try to gimme dap bitch you ain't no kin to me Back Back Back Back"
  • One Direction Back For You
    "Liam: Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there I’m looking out at the crowd, you’re everywhere I’m watching you from the stage yeah You’re smile is on every face now But every time you wake up You’re"
  • Status Quo Hold You Back
    "(Rossi/Young/Parfitt) How d'you know the music when you don't know the score Do you think that you can make it when you don't need no more Is it really the reason when it is not a need Are you trying"
  • The Replacements Back To Back
    "Back to back to back to back to back Back to back Now how you gonna hold me Back to back How you gonna show me Back to back Baby that's a fact You know that I made a mistake You know that I will stand"
  • Blue Back To You
    "Come back, baby come back to me You're all girl, You're all I need Come back baby come back to me. I thought I'd broken your spell And broken my addiction But when I feel you close to me You know I can't"
  • Sammy Hagar Back Into You
    "20/20, there's nothin' wrong with my vision Yet I can't see to make a good decision Ooh, I can hear alright, except for good advice If I blow it once, it ain't gonna happen twice I hate to say it But"
  • The Kooks Want you back
    "Take me back to the place where I Loved that girl for all time Why must life just take away Every good thing one at a time I want it back Well yes I want it back Yes I want you back Please give it me back"
  • Zucchero Back to you
    "Se sapessi quanto ti ho cercato Quante strade ho rovesciato X tornare insieme a te Io che avevo tante cose in mente Che non ho capito niente X tornare insieme a te I wanna get back I wanna get back"
  • Mandy Moore Want You Back
    "Last night I saw you the first time since we broke up I tell you baby it all came back to me when I looked into your eyes there was something more that I never really noticed before Could it be? That all"
  • Digital Underground Kiss You Back
    "Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop We-we chocolate cross-over Yea, we chocolate cross-over See me cocoa might go pop I'm cocoa and I might go"

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