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simple as love

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simple as love

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simple as love
  • k.d. lang Simple
    " elude us Love is simple Be sure to know that All in love Is ours And love,"
  • No-Man Simple
    ", I could give my heart away. I could really love you, it's so simple, it's so simple. I picture my ideal. how"
  • Alabama Simple As That
    " help us celebrate our golden anniversary" They had foldin' chairs, they were holdin' hands starin' at the fields I said "man this ain't no movie, this is real" Love should"
  • Chris LeDoux Simple As Dirt
    " care To me there is no where else to go And in all and all I am, it's just who I am It's as complicated as new plowed earth Simple"
  • Michelle Poe Not As Simple As That
    " things are just not quite Like they appear to be I thought if I loved him, he'd love me back But once more this world's not as"
  • Lonestar It's As Simple As That
    "Got us a situation It don't need no explanation It don't take a scientist To figure out just what this is Unlike the changing seasons Love happens without reason Chorus: It's"
  • Porter Wagoner Simple As I Am
    " me as simple as I am I speak to you with simple words I know no fancy lines I"
  • Na Leo Pilimehana Simple As A Sunrise
    " appear like a star and shine like nothing else around you I want to be right where you are Simple as a sunrise your love"
  • Tristan Prettyman Simple as it should be
    " You know I love you I know you love me So time will go And we may be Far apart I know But as far as"
  • Duncan James Simple Love Song
    "Does the after to be your reason Is the reason really me And I dont know what I believing But I do believe in you Could you ever day to love me As"
  • Matt Wertz Simple Things
    "Didn't mean to say I love you I guess my touch was good as breath Now I'm swimming through the silence Moments after you said And now it Ain't"
  • Stacie Orrico So Simple
    ", true to me The way it's got to be So simple, so simple, so simple Live to love,"
  • Andru Donalds Simple Obsession
    "What about us As I think about tomorrow With you not in my life? What about love As I try to make it every day I"
  • Tony Vincent Simple Things
    " shaped my faith in you It's the simple things- i hold on to it's the simple things- i find in you it's to you i sing and to you i cling it's"
  • Glenn Lewis Simple Things
    " me (simple things) It be the simple things that likfe is made of Make me feel, so real, real, yeah (real good) Simple"
  • Toto Simple Life
    "Days feel so long My life seems short as years go by The chance that I took A feeling so strong I had to try All of the pain I left behind Been down the road My heart has"
  • Sonya Kitchell Simple Melody
    " But sorrow sets inspiration free And I love you Everything that I can feel I laugh I cry it's all the same And I love the sunshine love"
  • Emerson Drive Simple Miracles
    " forget And I take your love for granted when I should Hold you close instead But let me say right now so there is no doubt All the things you are to me Repeat Chorus And"
  • Kenny Chesney Simple Things
    " living a life of denial And he cried as he talked about wasted years I couldn't believe what I heard It was my life word for word And all of the sudden it was clear It's"
  • Sparks Simple Ballet
    "(Ron & Russel Mael) In the city, in the country, in the towns throughout the world All will join in, in the big scene, So won't you please take off your shoes? It's a ballet, simple"

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