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you tobe
  • Showbread Welcome To The Plainfield, Tobe Hooper
    "That thing inside my ribs is like a pile of reptiles. Pressed on splintered vertebrae, so cold, so claustrophobic, Echoing in hollow fuit are orders sent with love to you To"
  • Lucie Chci Zas V Tobe Spat
    "Ml a svt je fany zhadou, stv se pro m honey, kdy dra drpy tnou, temnice tmav vsk, bleskne tmou, m vlasy lou vsk, let nad vodou a hrub sly vzvm, sndm bezprv, tv voi v hlav vdm, je to vechno jedna velk sla, jestli"
  • Street Dogs Tobe's Got A Drinking Problem
    " Troubadour floor Tobe's got a drinking problem You started a wayward teen Joined every late night drinking team The life of every party,"
  • The Starting Line Falling for you
    " deservedby these street signs anymoreAre yougoing tobe waiting up when I get homewe'll stay up all nightgetting drunk and watching sunsets"
  • REO Speedwagon Just for you II
    ", i'll walk beside youAnd whatever you need, i will provide youTake my hand, and make me your man'cuz i live"
  • Double You Missing You
    "Oh yeah I never needed anyone To throw me on the floor Everytime you walked away I wouls always say Remember all the times we had But you"
  • Enemy You For You
    "And will there come a day when you're standing in my door Will you reach out your hand and pick me off the floor Will you"
  • Tamaki Nami Can You Feel My Love
    "Miageta sora no hirosa ni tobe nai omoi ni Ukande itadake Hitasura tooku wo miteta jikan wa nagareta Soshite kimi to deaeta Kure kakatta michi wo aruku futari Sono te ni"
  • Mr. Children And I Love You
    " wo Mou hitori kirija tobe nai Kimi ga boku wo karuku shiteru kara Ima nara kitto tere naide Utaeru utaeru utaeru I love you and I love
  • Lil Wayne Something you forgot
    "I've been lonely, I've been waiting for youI'm pretending, and that's all I can do (that's all I can do mama)The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart (I"
  • Before You Breathe Follow You
    "Where You lead I'll follow I'm seeking only You When You speak I'll listen closely I want to worship You I've"
  • The Isley Brothers What would you do
    "(What) What would you do if I put this money in yourhand(Would you do) What would you"
  • Double You What Did You Do
    "Remember all the love we shared But you never thought I was at your side Remember all the love we shared But you never thought I was"
  • Double You You Are The One
    "Chorus I There's a feeling that you can't go on there was love and you were strong all day you just look around baby"
  • Double You I Gave You All
    "I gave you all I gave you everything my true desire but what you did not know I gave you"
  • Double You You Are My World
    "I don't know why people talk Get the biggest feeling in your life People come and people go See the biggest feeling in your life Oh when you're looking down And
  • Before You Breathe You Never Fail
    "How many times do I fall down Only to have You pick me up How many ways do I disobey Only to have You turn me around You"
  • You Am I Friends Like You
    "With friends like you I could throw away my tv Cause I got it all in spades now All triumph and tragedy And when as a kid with a pocket knife Like a stone from a distance"
  • You Am I When You Know What You Want
    "when you know what you want, the winds at your back yeah, and time's your friend, it'll push you out like tide,"
  • You Am I You Scare Me
    "You couldn't have took it any harder You couldn't have put it anymore sweet But every bone of yours for picking Is"

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