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2Pac: Thug Nature

No need to cry now, go wipe your tears

Be a woman, why you actin' surprised?

You showed the bullshit; commin' fake hair

fake nails, fake eyes too

So why you bound to fuck wit fake guys too

Aint nothin' hard about it

Why you lookin' sad, should'a though about it

Say you learn, i truly doubt it

I guess you got a problem with affection, kinda loose with the love

Gettin' freaky with the thug niggaz up in the club

Ask to buy you a drink, you holla Don Perione (spellin?)

Knowin' I'm a cash dealer, still I, remain calm

Let you chill with me

Plus you was smilin' 'til the bill miss me

That's what you get for trynna dick me

Missed me with that "buy me this, buy me that"- syndrome shit

Bitch get a job if you wanna be rich

Gettin' mad 'cuz i cursed and i screamed i hate'cha

Introduced you to a nigga nature, feel me


(Verse 2)

Probably too nice at first

I lettin' you kiss where it hurts

Me and you gettin' busy, slangin' dick in the dirt

Met you at a pool party it was cool to kick it

See us, toungkissin', you was trouly with it

Little Exstacy, Hennesey, mix with me

Picture me pray for pussy when the dick's for free

Hey now, where my niggaz at? Tell these hoes

Before I pay; I jerk off, word to Moses

Visions of you sittin' there sweaty and wet

Pointin' at the places that you want me to hit

Give me room all up in the room, call the cops

Nigga, hit them walls til the bastard drop

Label me: Makaveli - Thug Nigga with pipe

Livin' life as a Rock Star friday nights

Make money, get pussy

Always keep a pager, cell-phone in the ride

To complete my Nature now!

(Chorus) (That's a nigga nature!)

(Verse 3)

Started as a seed from the semen

Straight outta Papa's nuts, lustin' for creamin'

Bitches wit big butts, curves make a nigga cry, tits and shit

When I'm locked down beggin' you for porno fleeks

Sneak weed in, helped a nigga passed the time

With my name tattoo'd so that ass is mine

Tell everybody; 'Pac put it down for good

A local legend through the whole hood

Follow me, I got a gun on me

Goin' for nun on the run baby

You know a nigga need some, is my son crazy?

Why I cry, when i be thuggin' til i die

Picture of nigga in heaven high, of weed I fly

Got me missin' dead homies with the phonies that died

Hit the weed and hope it get me high

Dear God, understand my ways, livin' major

Blessed with a thug's heart

In a realla nigga nature!

(Chorus x2) (That's a nigga nature!)

(Just be a nigga nation)

(It ain't my fault, that's a nigga nature)

(A nigga nature)
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2Pac: Thug Nature

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2Pac: Thug Nature
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2Pac: Thug Nature

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