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A Tribe Called Quest: One two shit

Intro: Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Busta Rhymes One two, one two One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (3X) Yo it's the Q-Tip, you know I get down Yes I rock to the rhythm of a funky sound It go One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (2X) And it's the, Phife Dawg, and I do the same And when it comes to rippin mics aiyyo it ain't no games One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (2X) Aiyyo you know it's Busta Rhymes, ev-ery time Oh yes, I'm comin wicked with the new design I'm sayin One-wa-wa-one, one two one two (2X) Verse One: Q-Tip MC's ain't coming equipped with the rhymes Don't do the crime if you can't do the time The time is eternal when you play with the miser Soul is in my body, and the health make me wiser The tantalizing wordplay yeah that's the joint Sometimes I have to cuss just to prove my damn point Brothers need to come, with better, compositions I write, and recite, to make, good position In this, rap game here, we en-gineer Stabbin up the jam yeah son shit's clear And I be kickin rhymes in my own damn way Beatin niggaz to the punch like Sugar Ray Got the cool-ass style, that's cooler than the cool My lyrics is the bullet and the mic is the tool Peace to C-Seventy-Three, and C-Seventy-Fo' Do a little somethin when I'm out on tour Comin thru like narcotics for the antibiotics Flappin shorty's stockings to the Space-like Sprockets What you really need to do is just boogie your ass It's not gassed, we got to make the good times last Let the good times roll, cuz we in control Take you out on your high less you payin a toll Let the good times roll, let the good times toll Take you out on your high less you payin a toll Verse Two: Phife Dawg Question Why is that, MC's be wack And major labels wanna sound like crap Aiyyo Funk Dat! Word to life I'm comin rugged Cuz once you add the hip to the hop kid, it equals out to love If the beat's fat I use it, some wack shit, I lose it Refuse it, how could you chose it, it stinks Renuse it Put down the mic kid, cuz you gets no dap How long did it take for you to see you can't rap The name is Phife Dawg, and I got nuff style It doesn't take long for me to get buckwild So bust what I'm swingin what I'm swingin when I swing I rap when I rap cuz I never wanna sing Go ask the last MC what happened when he said battle I bust his ass in Cleveland now he's Sleepless in Seattle Rude bwoy official comin with the ill grammar Comin back on kids, like Joey Montana We be the three MC's to make your mind go batty Mad play, on WKRP in Cincinatti So lord send a hon, if ya kyant send a han sen a man An if ya kyan sen a man, come yaself Cuz all deez bitin MC's, lawd dem somethin else See I kick the styles that'll make ya ass melt Money on my mind so never mind a trick New York is the town and the team is the Knicks World's greatest five footer rippin parties apart Here comes Shaheed with the big green shark Never had to rhyme about feelin what with lead NEVER MIND DAT MON HERE COME DE DREAD Verse Three: Busta Rhymes We comin farrrr farrrr farrrr Busta Rhymes is comin farrrr farrr farr ya know ya hear me Star! Bet your bottom dollah Right after this jam about one million one two niggaz go follow Whether it be to-day or to-morrow Niggaz be collaboratin sickening you beat them like they father Ohhhhh shit check out what I saying Ah-hah ah-hah ohhhhh ah-hah ah-hah You know my niggaz don't be playing Once upon a mah-hah-hacking time I received the opportuni-ties to represent my first rhymes To define, lyrical sensations Black masons blowin up the spot Just to represent the Nations Three dimensions, tryclops, Mr. Busta Rhymes three eyes Fat like a burger and fries Mama-so-mama-saa-mamma-ma-ko-sah Go back to the country to go check my grandmama Eeeyah!! Bring it to the table at the meetings Gathering large receivings delivering intellectual ass beatings As I carry on with my proceedings Greetings!! Watch a nigga debut on premier movie screenings But before I be face to face with my eternal resting place I hope you find civilized every soul and every race Sit dog sit! Busta Rhymes forever on that ultrasonic shit!
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A Tribe Called Quest: One two shit

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A Tribe Called Quest: One two shit
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A Tribe Called Quest: One two shit

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