Aesop Rock: Five Fingers

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Aesop Rock

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Aesop Rock: Five Fingers

Take take, the medicine tastes great
Got the key to the city and wake bake
Waiting for the meteor shading at twelve begin paint
The origin of a thievery leader will take place
Two coke bottles adorn the rouge toddler
Rebel of refrigerator
Gather a 'nilla wafer
No role model, provoke him to shift focus
Cus he noticed that a cookie tastes better when it's stolen
Kids got the darnedest crooks
All ?? get from an honest person
Bought enough fireworks from the bullies to blow up a small barn
which he kept in the box in the yard
And the bark is far from a klepto-anthem
But a klepto-tangent
prefaced the grand canvass
Dance to the dirt
stand up, celebrate the natural need to own what ain't earned
See it rolls off the tongue
Like a smoke ring rolls off a lung til it's done
Ready set kept
petty theft on a post-it
Later applied the motives to a moment of some grown shit
"Hey, you with the sharpie and BM!"
Did you foreplay the gm
or you carpe the diem
Warplay the porn game
Wanna get the sure way
Well the freedom will correlate with the sword play and heathens
Trickery I'm back, talk
Fresh outta high school
On the prickly catwalk
of the modern bright slide rule
Every last number in it's history
got it's own little hustle to nuzzle up with the victory, Thanks
Bathe in a bottle of your finest
Huckleberry sift through the piss looking for diamonds
For that hell appears to that in your climate
Get your money from the richest Seek your pussy from the flyest

Slow and low, Do or die calm
Suicide king and a tuck of the palm
Slow and low, do or die, stuck
Two to five cans in the tuck of the trunk

And these are the five fingers that are stealing from you (4x)

(Capture the flag)

One by one like little confused penguins
Larceny's yes when fools used weapons
Like a bitter little burgular jaded up at the buckets
He is dumb enough to feel like the public owe him a fucking thing
Nope gotta configure the five fingers
So the hot wired vehicular skill is applicable
If an eye's on the prize and the itch aint flushed
I hope the fruits of your labor relieve the initial rush
Like, step over the abysmal cusp
Matchmakers trying to make the mixed signals fucked
And make you read the mud, maybe make the stigma's crushed
Like "he will learn to walk after he lifts the drums"
And this is certified milk by the department of skullduggery
Shoplift quicker than ya shutter speed
Click! Missed, dip dumb colory
In another muddy river water til the rudder bleeds
Skip around the money Peel the color me bunny killer
Hovering where the mother feed
Gutter greed king
Let a crumby motherfucker breed fuck wit me
It goes knock knock, rummy at an abrupt speed
The seed's all growns up, playing grown people games
Evil lames grown encompass the whole paper chase
Grip, better get the master plan
So when the workers of a secret graph expands,
Yes a pig is a cop, I got a villian for flock, so when I rake in the bacon I hope the kiddies will watch
I hope the flipping of the system will be heavily clocked
Cus opportunity's fickle If they we're trickling Stop!
Capture the flag
Drag that crass little bastard flap through the hazmat glass
Laugh when he asks for it back
Scratch that
Welcome to the magic and a basket of cash

Slow and low,do or die, calm
Suicide king and a tuck of the palm
Slow and low, do or die, stuck
Two to five cans in the tuck of the trunk

And these are the five fingers that are stealing from you (4x)
Capture the flag
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Aesop Rock: Five Fingers

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Aesop Rock: Five Fingers

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Aesop Rock: Five Fingers

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